Favorite Favorites, August 2016

Hello, my favorite blog readers! Today, I’m sharing my August/end of summer favorites. Consider it your heat wave of favorites!

affordable scallop ballet flats Target; Sam & Libby

Favorite Shoes: These amazing scallop beauties from Sam & Libby. Comfy, stylish, and affordable…those rarely combine for the fashion trifecta! So don’t mind me as I keep talking about my undying love for them and while I contemplate buying all four colors!

Favorite Clothing Item: It’s that magical time of year that puffer vests come back into stores! Hallelujah! Puffer vests might be the most underrated item of clothing out there, but I love all the layering options that they bring to the table. Old Navy, J.Crew Factory, and J.Crew have some great options (see them below). If you haven’t tried one yet, stick to a neutral (navy or black or white/cream) and build your collection from there…though I think my current favorite is that navy/white polka dot one from J.Crew Factory!

Now we just need the weather to cooperate with my style needs! ;)

Favorite Album: Ingrid Michaelson’s new album (snag it here). A little bit slower than her normal songs, but it has still managed to be played on repeat over here. “Still the One” is my favorite, and it is classic Ingrid!

Trader Joe's pickle flavored popcorn

Favorite Treat: This is going to sound like the weirdest snack, and it probably is, but Trader Joe’s Popcorn In A Pickle (aka pickle popcorn) is so good! And no, I’m not pregnant! If you hate dill pickles, you’ll hate this, but otherwise, definitely beyond worth the $1.99 that Trader Joe’s charges for it to try it.

After all, it is the real dill. ;) Don’t worry, I’ll show myself out now…

Favorite Cute: This baby and all her nap costumes! Best Instagram account ever! But seriously, that baby Eleven from Stranger Things killed me…so cute!

crisp morning air candle; Bath & Body Works

Favorite Candle: Crisp Morning Air from Bath & Body Works. The prettiest packaging and the most fall-smelling candle ever. Is it too soon to be burning fall candles? Probably, but once an early bird, always an early bird. Or something like that. ;)

Favorite Nail Polish Color: Still obsessing over “Rock the Runway” by Essie Gel Couture (here). I won’t try anything else, because the brush makes it SO easy to put on (this brush should be a requirement on ALL nail polishes), and I think it lasts such a looooong time (especially if you aren’t as antsy with your hands as I am).

ps. They also have a TON of other colors here! I might have to branch out and try a new one soon!

Katy Perry lipstick in Cat Call and Physician's Formula Concealer Twins

Favorite Beauty Product(s): Tie this month between my new concealer (yellow tint and regular tint) from Physician’s Formula (here) and Katy Perry’s lipstick in Cat Call (here). Has anyone tried any other winning colors from the Katy Perry collection? They all seem so bright or intense besides this one. Help?

If you missed my makeup post from two weeks ago, be sure to check out my other makeup favorites here!

Favorite Drink: Iced lattes using my Nespresso machine (this guy here) to make the espresso over ice cubes and then using my Aeroccino to whip up some cold milk. Magic, pure magic.

Favorite Outfit: Usually I have a hard time choosing a favorite outfit, but this fit and flare dress plus white shirt made for a runaway winner this month. Sometimes simplicity (and a favorite silhouette) is best! Though this one would have to be my favorite runner-up!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)