Five for Friday, Vol. 149 – Dueling Sweaters

five for friday dueling sweaters | Style On Target blog

Sometimes on this blog, I come up with really really really cool posts and outfits and ideas. I can’t think of anything specific to link to, but I’m sure there are countless examples! ;)

And then other times, I come up with the DUMBEST ideas and still manage to run with them and put them out online for the entire world to see…much to my mother’s chagrin, I’m sure (sorry, Schmom). As a warning, this post might be one of those.


In this corner, we have the classically-cool crew neck. And in the opposite corner, the mighty and pointy v-neck!

Sidenote: I was born to tell dad jokes. Someone save me.

I would technically have to give this battle¬†to the v-neck sweater, since Uniqlo offers it in a few more colors than the crew neck, but I personally prefer crew neck, so I’m going with a draw. That’s right, folks…you’ve read this far, and I’m calling it a draw.

Because, really? They both will keep you warm and stylish this fall/winter and both would look great paired with any of the other three pieces shown in this week’s Five For Friday…annnnnnd world peace (any Miss Congeniality fans out there?)!