Things I Would Buy If Money Grew On Trees, Vol. 2

Back in February, I started this series called “Things I Would Buy If Money Grew On Trees”. Aka everything. Or you know, the 24 things rounded up below.

These are the things that I’m currently “window shopping” for (maybe call it widget shopping ;), since that’s what they’re all in), and while most of them individually don’t exactly bust the bank, if I bought all 24 of them at once, that would be over $5,000.

Insert this horror face emoji here. 

What’s my monthly budget again? $200? Add the twos, carry the threes….

So for now, they’re being memorialized on the blog in this post. In case I find a money tree in Europe. Because those things exist…I read about them on the Internet. ;)

What are you window/widget shopping for this time around? Let me know in the comments!