What to Pack: Europe, Round 2

Oh hey guys! We just got back from our Europe trip yesterday afternoon, and I’ll be back with outfits posts soon enough! But my What to Pack posts are been so well received, that I thought I’d update it for another round of what to pack for Europe!

In case you’ve missed prior ones, feel free to click through the archives below to find some packing ideas/inspiration!

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what to pack Europe two weeks in the fall | Style On Target blog

Full disclosure: there are of a lot of other style bloggers who do “What to Pack” guides. Only they’re normally they’re checking a bag…and I don’t/didn’t.

I used last year’s Europe packing guide (here) as a guide for this year’s version, but I switched up some of the main colors and used tan/brown as one of my major neutrals instead of black. But other than that, many of my key pieces remain the same. I sometimes wish I was one of those bloggers who thinks of travel “theme” outfits, but I’m definitely not. I like to explore and squeeze in as much adventure as I can while traveling, so my favorite pieces and versatile basics are always what I build my suitcase around.

Plus, I’m notorious for forgetting to take outfit photos while on vacation, so why waste that valuable carry-on space for something you won’t wear again? And while it may seem like a lot…I guarantee that all these items can fit into a regulation sized carry-on suitcase, your personal item (use a backpack/tote and put your purse inside it along with your in-flight entertainment items), and what you end up wearing on the plane.

Super great right? Feel free to send me the $20-50 you save on checked bag fees. ;)

  • Black Tee: Casual and cool and works with everything (jeans, patterned pants, chinos, etc.). Enough said! 
  • Stripe Tee: You know I love me some stripes and definitely can’t last one week, let alone 2 weeks without one! Wear it with the black pants and the jean jacket. Or with jeans and vest. Or with everything (too much?)!
  • Graphic Tee: Perfect for site-seeing or days you don’t want to think about what to wear. Great with jeans and a utility jacket or black pants and a cardigan. Easy peasy!
  • Cardigan: Take one. Trust me. Perfect for layering and easy to remove if it heats up during the day or add a jacket/vest to if it cools down.
  • Gingham/Plaid Shirt: An easy piece that can be worn alone or underneath a cardigan or sweater.
  • Bonus Shirt: I would take one or two more shirts, because they’re small and easy to mix in with your four pairs of pants. This time around, I chose this colorful floral option!
  • Sweatshirt: This one looks so cozy and comfy for wearing on the plane or on a tour bus.
  • Chambray Shirt: Another easy piece that can be worn alone, as a light layer over the tees, or underneath a cardigan or sweater.
  • Sweater: I swear, tan/camel sweaters are the most luxe-looking things EVER. 
  • Jean Jacket: A great light layer piece…you’ll probably be recognized as an American though, as this is a classic Americana piece! ;)
  • Colored Pants: Because you can only wear jeans for so many days and a little color never hurt!
  • Black Pants/Jeans: Leggings work here too. It’s just another great alternative to regular blue jeans.
  • Print Pants: Because you got to have a little print in your life to keep it interesting over the two weeks that we were in Europe!
  • Jeans: I would wear these onto the plane (takes up less room that way!). You choose the rinse and wear them with everything, duh! ;)
  • Utility Jacket: This is the perfect jacket for exploring Europe. Easy neutral to wear with everything and pockets on top of pockets for holding maps, phones, cameras, etc.
  • Puffer Vest: Another easy layering option. I wore mine everywhere!
  • Ankle Boots: Don’t pack these and wear them on the plane to save room! And pro-tip that I learned the hard way…go with a no-heeled version! 
  • Two Pairs of Flats (lace-up, leopard): Perfect for walking all day…which is what you do when you’re site-seeing in Europe. These both are affordable and comfy.
  • Sunglasses: Because even though you’re not on a beach, you still need sun protection!
  • Sneakers: These are the shoes you’ll wear when you’re walking down miles of cobblestones or up stairs to the top of Sagrada Familia. Lightweight and in a neutral color. This pair doesn’t scream tourist!
  • Scarf: Layering options are a must in fall, and this scarf can also double as a blanket on the plane!
  • Crossbody Purse: Hands-free traveling is the best kind. This purse looks super roomy and is affordable! It easily holds a wallet, tickets, sunglasses, camera, and a small bottle of water, which is exactly what I need it to hold and no more!

So that’s it for my second fall in Europe packing guide. Obviously, you’ll need accessories, undergarments, toiletries, books/magazines/Kindles/iPads, etc., but that’s more specific to each person!

Is there anything you would add or subtract from my list?

ps. Because we were in some warmer locations for half of our trip, I swapped out the patterned pants for a patterned skirt, and the colored pants for a black dress and jean skirt (took up about the same amount of room in my suitcase). 

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    Yesss! I was hoping for this post girl!

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  • Yes, so good! It’s amazing what you can do with a carry-on suitcase if you’re smart about it. I never check… unless I’m bringing white chocolate spreads home from France that can’t go through security ;-)