October Budget 2016

Welllllllll, it’s a pretty surprising how much I spent this month, since I wasn’t even in the country for two weeks! But at least no one can say that I can’t make up for lost time! ;)

Check out October’s budget below to see the damage:

october 2016 budget; Style On Target

October 2016 Budget
Merona Green Suede Loafers – $13 ($25 originally – 25% off sale – $5 coupon code – here)
+ J.Crew Brown Corduroy Blazer – $110 ($168 originally – sale price – 30% off sale – here)
Maroon J.Crew Cardigan – $60 ($90 originally – 30% off sale – here)
+ Cat & Jack (Target kids line) White/Black Striped Turtleneck – $5 ($7 originally – 20% off kid’s clothing sale – here)
Superga Black Leather Sneakers – $25 ($30 originally – $5 coupon code – here)

Not Pictured:
Loft Rabbit Print Utility Blouse – $16 ($60 originally – 40% off sale – $20 Loft cash – here)
+ Old Navy Maroon Skirt – $5 ($25 originally – sale price – 40% off sale – here)
Uniqlo Plaid Shirt – $20 ($30 originally – sale price – here)
+ Old Navy Grid Print Pants – $0 ($35 originally –  40% off sale – rewards credit – here)
+ Etsy Navy Fit and Flare Dress – $35 ($35 originally – here)

Total Spent: $289

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: -$89 = $200 – $289
Total Saved: $216 = $505 (if not on sale) – $289
Item Count: 10
Carryover to Next Month: $21 = $110 – $89

I’m keeping this month’s review short, since I’m discussing a new budget idea to come in the next two months (or more, if I like how it works). But, I really, reallyREALLY, love the items I picked up this month. Perfectly perfect for my fall wardrobe! I mean look at those jewel colors!

Plus, I can’t wait to show you outfits with my new blazer (even though without buying it, I would have been WELL under budget) and my new Etsy dress (beg the owner of the shop to make you one like mine…which is what I did)! Outfits coming hopefully this week and next!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This fur/fleece vest from J.Crew – I liked it, but I didn’t like the price for how few ways I could think to wear it…so I am going to try this one from Uniqlo…for way less.
+ This gray tweed skirt from Loft – love the fabric and fit, but hate hate HATE the stitching of the panels together (so cheap looking)

Next month (and in December, as well), I’m going to be doing an experiment/little something different with my budget. I’m starting to notice that I am accumulating SO MANY ITEMS that it is almost making it hard to wear my clothes. Plus, I find myself gravitating to items that will last over several seasons, years, and even decades.

My plan for this is to first do a deep clean out of my closet (neeeeds it), develop a list of needs (i.e. basics) and wants (i.e. wishlist items), slowly build up my basics of good, quality pieces (examples: tan cashmere sweater and black ankle pants) that won’t directly impact my budget, and then limit the amount of  want/wishlist clothing and shoes that I have coming that WILL directly impact my budget.

I’m aiming to have an up-to-5-item-per-month budget with no real spending limit (mainly because this isn’t the huge issue right now), so it’s basically a modified 5-Item French-Wardrobe (more on that here, if you haven’t heard of it before). It’ll still give me options to be creative, but still give me a strict limit on what’s coming in. I’ll have to really really really want something for it to be part of my monthly budget, since it will only leave room for 4 other items in the month.

Thoughts on this new budget idea? Yay or nay? ;)

ps. I haven’t figured out what my limit with accessories will be, but I don’t really see too many of those coming in, so I guess I will address those as they come.

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Oh, I like this approach. I too am in a situation where the spending doesn’t have to be toooo strictly watched, so I have been contemplating making myself a wishlist that I have to stick to – if it’s not on it, can’t buy it – cut out the impulse/boredom/emotional buying. But I like the 5-item thing a lot – I could do impulse buying if I wanted, but then I just wouldn’t be buying for the rest of the month, so that would keep things sort of in control right there! And this makes me think back to the capsule wardrobe thing… when I took a break from buying anything for those few months, it made me want to buy things less, actually – just helps to change up the habits and then you get out of that “more” mentality.

    p.s. those Target Superga shoes – totally worth being an item in your budget, right? And raiding the Cat+Jack line is kind of brilliant! I’ve been buying for Hendrik but now might accidentally walk through the girls’ section. Before I start the 5-item limit ;-)

  • I like that blazer – i can see why you splurged on it! I think a classic piece like that is worth it as you’ll wear it a ton :)

    The 5 item rule seems like a good one – I’ve contemplated doing something like that. Some months I won’t buy a lot but others I’ll go a little overboard, ha! A numerical limit would help. Right now I’m trying to buy things I know I’ll wear twice right away in the same month that I buy them. That seems to be curbing the spending so far :)

    Hope you’re having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Oooh, I like your modified French wardrobe idea. I’ve been trying to come up with a similar method to limit the number of items coming in. I was thinking a max of two items per month next year but I’m not sure I can hold myself to that…ha!


  • I’ve been having the same problem! I’ve seen the french idea before, but I’ve been debating trying it also.

  • I’ve also played around with the idea of a limited number per month! I considered five as well, and like you decided the actual cost wasn’t so much a factor. I’m excited to see how it works for you! I love it a lot from a usable closet perspective, but I love the act of shopping so much that I think it might take away from that for me. I may try it for a few months next year and see how it goes though!