3 Ways To Wear: The Plaid Shirt

3 ways to wear the plaid shirt | Style On Target

Cool new series alert here at Style On Target…or at least, I think it is cool!

I’m always wanting my clothing items to be versatile and work at least three different ways. It has basically become a requirement in the items that I purchase.

1.) Is it not pink? Check.
2.) Is it under the cost of my mortgage? YUP!
3.) Can I wear it three ways?

So I figured that might be a similar goal for some of you or at least something that y’all would be interested in seeing in action, so why not make it a feature here on this blog?

Insert the new monthly feature: 3 Ways to Wear.

This month I’m taking on the plaid shirt, which can be a great casual piece or an easy festive option for a holiday party. Take your pick, because it can easily be worn more than three days.

Ready, set, remix!

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

  • Yes, I love some good remixing! Some excellent basics here combined into some excellent outfits. And #1 on your list of criteria cracked me up.

  • Denise Z

    Looking forward to this series! The “Can I Wear it 3 ways” guideline has helped me MANY times.

  • Nice looks!
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