6 Looks to Wear for Thanksgiving


I partied too hard this weekend and don’t have my Prague Travel Guide ready yet for you guys (coming soon, I promise).

Instead, what I do have for you all, are six outfits for you to wear to your Thanksgiving festivities (or any other fall/winter events that you might need a range of outfits for). There’s something for everyone here, and I’ve also included the elements to get the same look in a widget below each look.

Because, I can’t bake a pumpkin pie for everyone…but I can find you cute clothes. Skills. ;)

If You Want to Layer Up

Loft cords + cable knit sweater Target + brown felt fedora hat + vine print Loft shirt; Style On Target blog

Probably the easiest outfit combination of the collection…take a casual pair of pants (jeans or cords or chinos, for example) and then add your favorite button down blouse and then top it all off with a cable knit sweater. Layered up and ready for some mashed potatoes!

If You Want to Blanket Scarf It Up


Even more casual of a look, because when that tryptophan hits you, you already have a built in blanket for your afternoon nap. Win-win.

If You Have to Actually Dress It Up

acorn print Loft blouse; Merona red velvet blazer, black ankle pants, black Target heels; Style On Target ; winter work outfit

Well then, I feel sorry for you. My mom used to make us do that too. But an easy look to save the day is a velvet blazer + button down silky blouse + black heels. Because if you have to look fancy, you might as well have fun with it!

If You Can Fake Dressing It Up


Jeweled sweaters for the win. Pair an embellished sweater with some luxe looking cords for the ultimate comy-but-still-looks-pulled-together look. Because that stuffing isn’t going to eat itself.

If You Want to Look Cooler Than Your Boyfriend’s Ex


Ankle boots + patterned dress + tights + cool girl leather jacket = winner winner, turkey dinner! ;)

If You Are Spending the Entire Day on the Couch


Get comfy and support your team in jeans, stripes, puffer vest, and sneaks. Buffalo wings can wait…this is turkey time.

So there are 6 fool-proof (maybe even fowl-proof? ;)) outfit combinations for your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

But I’m curious…what look more closely reflects the atmosphere of your Thanksgiving festivities? Let me know in the comments (I’m more of a layer-it-up kind of girl)!