November 2016 Budget

Whoa. Is anyone else still coming out of the fog that was Thanksgiving break? I think I spent a little bit too much time eating stuffing, watching a billion football games, and throwing all my money at J.Crew during their Black Friday sales.

I have a ton of orders coming in, but since this post is going up today, I had to make an educated guess as to what items I’ll actually end up keeping from my Black Friday haul. So here’s my guess, but I could end up very wrong.

Check out November’s budget below to see the damage:

november budget 2016 | Style On Target

November 2016 Budget
+ Marks & Spencer Navy Ankle Strap Heels (here)
+ Uniqlo Brown Fur Fleece Vest (here – 4 other colors available…I kind of want the black too!)
+ Charter Club Polka Dot Sweater (here)*
+ Gap Multicolored Stripe Sweater (here for the men’s version and here for the women’s version)*
+ Sole Society Green Suede Ankle Boots (here)

Bonus Items:
+ J.Crew Plaid Coat (here – I save up for a new winter coat each year, and this is my 2016 one!)
+ Merona Green/Navy Plaid Scarf (here)

*Means they haven’t arrived yet, but I bet I end up keeping. The other three items have already been worn, so I know they’re keepers!

So just as a reminder, last month I said I was going to be limiting my budget just to five items per month, not counting outerwear and/or accessories that aren’t purses or shoes. I held true to this plan this month, and any of my other Black Friday scores not included above will apply to December….so let’s hope some of them don’t work out! ;)

The new budget helped me make some good decisions about what items I really really really wanted to keep and what items didn’t make the long term cut for my closet. The items above are either classic staples OR fun classic patterns that will keep things in my closet interesting (because Lord knows I would be bored to tears with a completely solid color closet).

And this month, I discovered that my favorite London chain (Marks & Spencer)…now ships to the United States, so my whole life was made. Those gorgeous navy ankle strap block heels (last seen in this post) are perfect for work and look great with and without tights!

The Uniqlo fleece/fur vest (here) was a great dupe for the J.Crew fur vest (here) that was much MUCH more expensive, so win there!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This J.Crew houndstooth blazer – I have a ton of blazers, and this one wasn’t quite special enough to make it into my closet, but would recommend if you are looking for a work blazer!
+ This Loft cream sweater – I could not even describe how much I did not like this sweater. Boxy and oversized and so not my style.
+ This Ann Taylor tweed skirt – beautiful and gorgeous, but not versatile enough to wear enough times.

Again, I’m sure a lot of my five items next month will be taken up by my Black Friday purchases, but you’ll have to wait to see those! Can’t wait for that “mountain” of packages to arrive! ;)

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • I can’t wait to see that plaid coat on you! It’s so freaking pretty. I saw in store this weekend and had a hard time resisting it!

  • LOVE that coat, and the J Crew vest dupe – gotta make sure I stop in at Uniqlo soon!

  • That brown fur vest reminds me of a teddy bear. It looks like it’s going to be super snuggly and warm!

  • Obsessed with your new budget approach. It makes me extra excited to see what you get each month! Also, we’re kinda sweater twins now!