Five for Friday, Vol. 161 – Winter Brights

five for friday winter brights | Style On Target

The winter blues are the worst, am I right? And technically, they’re not even fully here yet.

Short, dark days. Cold temperatures that keep you indoors. Snow and ice all over your car after work. Delightfully tasty holiday drinks from Starbucks.

Okay, maybe not that last one…that one is definitely a winter pro. But for the others, warm drinksĀ and stacks of blankets can only help so much. So my favorite way to combat those winter blues? Bright colored apparel items.

Because nothing says “take that winter” like a colorful, shimmery striped sweater. And nothing says, “I don’t care about these negative temperatures” like a bright and yellow coat (even if you do). So add some bright color to your closet, and we’ll make it through together.

Pass the holiday spine latte, please.