Gift Guide for the Working Girl

Second to last Gift Guide here on Style On Target and only one more to go in the series (it’s a good one though).  I’ll be posting a gift guide for a specific individual that you might be having some trouble shopping for. I’m going to try to keep all the gifts under $50 for sure and hopefully the majority of them in the $25-30 range. Most of the items will be from Target (because I love the heck out of that place), but if I find something I truly love elsewhere, it’ll be thrown in there too!

In case you missed them…

And here we go with this week’s guide!

gift guide for the working girl 2016; Style On Target blog

The 2016 Gift Guides continues with your favorite career minded lady. She’s second to last in our series of gift guides, but she’s never last to work. In fact, she’s probably already at the office (or still there depending on when you read this), so you might be able to sneak in some last minute shopping in while she’s making her commute.

Habitat: her office at work; her office at home
Loves: being early, her cell phone; coffee; her laptop
Dislikes: making $0.75 to a man’s $1, not having the corner office, eating lunch at her desk

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite career gal!

  1. Merona Black Tote/Crossbody Purse (four other colors available)
  2. Merona Black/Rose Gold Watch, Merona Silver Watch, and Merona Rose Godl Link Watch
  3. “But First Coffee” Travel Mug (so funny!) and Contigo Stainless Steel Mug (my favorite travel mug ever)
  4. Merona Gray Blazer (love this one!)
  5. Sonix Phone Charger (see other pattern options here – I’m always killing my battery before the day is over)
  6. Hex iPhone Credit Card Holder Case 
  7. “I Am Very Busy” 2017 Planner
  8. Merona Cognac Brown Satchel Purse (other colors available too)
  9.  Merona Cognac Brown Pumps (two other colors available)
  10. Mossimo Button Front Blouse (comes in several other colors)
  11. Touch Screen Compatible Gloves: Black Chain Leather and Cognac Brown Leather (so chic!)