Winter Wishlist 2017

Ahh winter. I don’t want you…at all…but apparently, your official arrival is today and my distaste of you doesn’t stop you from sleeting and snowing all over my car.

So, since we have to put up with all that nonsense, I’m trying to put a positive spin on this by focusing on all the things I love about winter.

Cozy layers, sitting in front of the fireplace, setting up Christmas decorations, and stacks of sweaters.

So now that we’re all feeling better about winter, let’s dive into my winter wishlist (you know, besides days that are no colder than 50 degrees).

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Top Twelve Things On My Winter Wishlist for 2016/2017:

  1. Black Watch Plaid Shirt – Can’t get enough of this pattern, and it’s perfectly acceptable to have one of everything in this plaid. That’s basically what J.Crew said this year.
  2. Tan Knit Gloves – I LOVE THESE GLOVES  (and so do many, many others…check out the reviews). I have them in black, and I thought I lost them between last winter and now, but I luckily I found them. So naturally, I need another pair and this tan will go great with my camel coat (oh and everything else…#neutral).
  3. Gray Turtleneck – I was going through my Pinterest boards the other day, and one of the items that kept coming up time and time again in many of my favorite pins was a gray turtleneck sweater. Simple piece, but a great building block for a winter wardrobe.
  4. Black Fur Earmuffs – Because if you’re having a good hair day, then you don’t want to ruin it with a hat, right?
  5. Red Puffer Vest – Even I’m embarrassed to type this, but I don’t think I need another one of these, but I love love love the red (and this black watch plaid option). What can I say…I’m am addicted to puffer vests.
  6. Black Chelsea Ankle Boots – I’ve been wearing my cognac brown ankle boots from last year over and over, so it might be nice to add a black pair into the rotation.
  7. Plaid Coat – Okay, so I already own this one, but it was the number one on my winter wishlist, so I had to include it. Other plaid options I’m loving include this one (love the red!) and this one!
  8. Houndstooth Skirt – A great staple for wearing now with tights and later without! Can you imagine the remixing potential?!
  9. Maroon Plaid Scarf – Just another way to layer up on those super chilly days.
  10. Tan Cashmere Crew Sweater – The one I linked to is a great option, but my favorite cashmere sweater will always be this option from Macy’s (especially when it goes on super sale). Tan is a great staple, but if you are looking for other colors…they have a ton of options!
  11. Burgundy Ankle Boots – Because when you already have ankle boots in black, tan, navy, and green…your next step is burgundy!
  12. Little Red Crossbody Purse – I love a good pop of color, and it is never more important than in the dreary winter. This little crossbody features both red and blue (my favorites) and has excellent reviews online! WANT.

What are you putting on your winterwishlist? Did I miss anything? Snow shovel? Ice pick?! ;)