Favorite Favorites, December/End of 2016

Holy, moly, me-oh-my.

2017 is HERE!

Hasta la vista, 2016, but before you get up and go let the door hit you on the way out, let’s round up my last favorite favorites (all discovered in 2016) for December’s favorites!

Ready, set, go!

vine plant in macrame hanging basket

Favorite Home Purchase: This adorable little plant (which of course, at this point, I can’t remember what kind it actually is) and its perfect macrame hanger. The plant is from Meijer (which actually has a great plant department!) and the macrame hanger is from this Etsy shop! Full disclosure, I have a black thumb, meaning I kill almost all plants that I encounter. BUT, I wanted a plant in our house to inject some “life” into our space and because I love all the hanging plants that I see on Pinterest/Instagram. So The Husband gave me one chance to keep this plant alive, and he’s been going strong for 1.5 months now! Success!

ps. I’ve named him Planty, because I’m super creative like that. Do you have plants…and if so, do you name them?

Favorite Accessory: This little red crossbody purse from J.Crew (here – it comes in several other colors/patterns). I score it with a coupon code when it was on sale last week, and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s the perfect size (I can fit my gloves, wallet, keys, a few lip products, and sunglasses in it)  and goes with EVERYTHING!

Favorite Clothing Item: It has been soooo cold lately in Indiana, plus with all the holiday time and hanging out with family in December, that I haven’t really been leaving the house much or getting dressed in real-people clothes. Therefore, I have been living in my Indiana University sweatshirt and alternating between these Zella leggings (AMAZING, y’all) and these plaid J.Crew pajama pants (also amazing and on sale!). Let’s just call it a comfy remix, shall we?

Harney & Sons chocolate mint tea Target

Favorite Drink: This chocolate mint tea from Harney & Sons. I read another blogger talking about Teavana’s white chocolate mint tea and it sounded super interesting, but I’m never at our mall that has our Teavana in it. So instead, I decided to check out the tea aisle of Target (of course) and stumbled upon this chocolate mint tea tin (here). I think it is best brewed and steeped and then add a splash of milk into it! I’ve been drinking it at nights because it tastes like a dessert drink! Highly recommend if you like peppermint bark and/or tea!

Favorite Activity: Obsessing over this new-to-me game, Stardew Valley (here). My brother introduced it to me, and he should have told me that it would be addicting, so I’m passing that warning onto you now. I can’t stop playing it. It’s the cutest, and you’re basically in charge of your own farm with gardens and farm animals, etc. If you remember playing Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing and liked those style of games, you’ll LOVE Stardew Valley. Nerd alert over. ;)

Target Merona red ballet flats

Favorite ShoesThese red ballet flats were perfect for adding a punch of holiday red to any outfit in December, and I know they will be great come spring and summer too! Grab them now (here) while you can get them on sale!

ps. And these beautiful poinsettias also were in Meijer…killing it in the plant department (who knew?)!

Favorite Beauty Product: These chubby lip crayons from Neutrogena. I have the Wine Berry color and it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. They slide on so easy, are fairly pigmented, and are super moisturizing (which is perfect for this dry winter weather)! Oh, and check out those reviews!! I’m already scoping out what my next color should be!

S'well bike bicycle water bottle Target

Favorite Gift (4-way tie): I was spoiled beyond belief this year with Christmas gifts, so big thank you to my family! My favorites included this adorable bike S’well bottle (herethat my dad apparently picked out before seeing it in my gift guide post here…too funny), the plaid blanket that my mom made me (see it behind the candle in the photo below) that I have been using every single day, these boots from J.Crew (here – in black) that my brother graciously bought for me, and the Lumineers tickets that The Husband super-surprised me with! See what I mean…spoiled!

ps. Nail polish is my usual favorite, Essie’s “Rock the Runway” (here).

Favorite Hair Product: Aveda’s “Shampure” line (shampoo – here and conditioner – here). I have been using for over 6 months now, and I don’t know if I will ever buy another shampoo/conditioner combo ever again. Yes, it’s pricey, and yes, there is probably a Suave version out there that is similar, but it definitely makes my hair manageable and healthy-looking. Oh, and I have to wash it less thanks to it AND my second favorite hair find in 2016 (this dry shampoo for brunettes). TMI?

Bath & Body Works Bergamot Waters candle

Favorite Candle: In addition to my other Christmas gifts, my sister-in-laws both picked out candles from Bath & Body Works that they thought I would like…and man did they both hit it out of the park! I loved ALL of the six scents I received, but I think my favorite of the bunch was this Bergamot Waters one (here). Very nature-y…in the best way possible!

Favorite Outfit: Far and beyond any of my other outfits this month, this stripe and buffalo plaid combo was my favorite outfit from December. Maybe it is the silhouette, the print-mixing, or the color combination…or maybe it is all three! (Though someone did say I looked like Kate Middleton in this look here, so maybe that one should win by default?)

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

  • This is probably the most random comment you could get on this post, but your mention of Harvest Moon made me so excited! haha I LOVED that game as a kid and actually have the iOS version! My bffl had Animal Crossing in college and we had a blast playing that too and dressing up our characters. (Pretty sure mine wore a powdered wig at one point #OOTD.) Clearly, Stardew Valley would be perfect for me! Nerd alert over. :D