24 Things From Loft I Wish Were Hanging in My Closet Right Now

loft spring 2017

I’d like to give a special shoutout to the 55+ degree days that we had this weekend in the Midwest, since it was perfect for peaceful protests, puppy walks, and parties! Which leads me to believe that spring is coming.┬áSpring is coming. Spring is coming!

And it is bringing with it a fresh batch of new arrivals that are perfectly perfect for my closet. Especially the new pieces from Loft! The Spring 2017 collection features a whole lot of red, white, and various shades of blues, which is always a-okay in my book!

So, magic closet fairies…feel free to leave some of the below pieces in my closet. Thanks in advance! ;)

  • Maria Parramore

    I am wearing the striped ruffle bib shirt right now. It’s super cute, but a bit see through so I had to wear a tank under it. It runs a bit big. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and ordered a (pre-pregnancy) size up in Petite and it fits!

  • Agree! I just placed a big order (I had 7 things in my cart and really struggled to whittle it to something more manageable) and it will include several of the things you listed above. I really want the Bouquet Sweater and I’m bummed it was OOS when I ordered…but I’m stalking daily!