3 Ways to Wear: The Polka Dot Blouse

3 ways polka dot blouse | Style On Target

This time around in this 3 Ways to Wear series, I’m trying to see if I can justify purchasing this awesome black and white polka dot blouse from Uniqlo.

And the answer is…yes, yes I can.

1.) Because I can nearly ALWAYS justify a new clothing purchase (it’s one of my many, many talents).

2.) But especially one that is neutral and can easily make the jump from work to weekend to weekend nights!

I honestly had another 3 ideas on how to wear this shirt, but I limited it to these three. So you better believe I hit the checkout button this shirt, and we’ll see how it fits when it arrives!

Ready, set, remix!

3 ways polka dot blouse work | Style On TargetOutfit 1:

3 ways weekend polka dot blouse | Style On TargetOutfit 2:

3 ways night polka dot blouse | Style On TargetOutfit 3:

  • Ooh, I always love remixing, and I always love a new way to wear my leather moto jacket! And while I probably can’t justify the fun blouse, I do have a black + white gingham one that I could just stick right into these outfits in its place. Thanks for dressing me!