Trench Coat Season

trench coat + Target stripe tee + Michael Kors purse + Loft jeans; Style On Target; spring casual outfit

Today’s fun highlights:

  • This might be an old photo (full post here – prepping outfit photos before a winter vacation is not one of my strong suits), but it is exactly what I am actually wearing today! Hard to believe that it is trench weather here in Indiana during the month of February!
  • We had a wonderful vacation to Texas! The weather was picture perfect, all the food we ate was delicious, and we got to see all of the sites we wanted to see (more to come in future travel diary posts)!
  • The highlight of the trip for me was seeing Nicole from Writes Like a Girl! I loved her online personality and presence (not to mention her wonderful writing), and if possible, she is even better in person! She’s also responsible for 90% of the amazing food locations we visited. So lovely to meet you, Nicole…and if you or Dago ever find yourselves in Indy, let us know! <3
  • This weekend, we’re celebrating some birthdays over here (my mom and my grandma) and doing some major cleaning up. We were hoping to do some outdoor activities, because we kept hearing how great the weather was in Indiana while we were gone, but it apparently has a taken a turn for the colder since we came back. Major bummer, y’all!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • It’s seriously supposed to be winter coat weather, so I was delighted (shocked) to be wearing my trench coat this week too! Back to the puffer tomorrow…