February 2017 Budget

Hello budget my old friend…I’ve come to talk ABOUT you once again…(such a great song, shame she had to ruin it in her silly blog post)!

But yes, I’m officially back from vacation and ready to confess all my awesome February purchases. And get ready, because there are some great ones (I mean…look at that solid color scheme)! And yes, I probably went overboard this month, but that’s because all the retailers are putting out new SPRING merchandise AND had great President’s Day sales…and who saw that coming? Not me!

Check out February’s budget below to see the damage:

february budget 2017 | Style On Target blog

February 2017 Budget
+ Merona Blue Suede Block Heel Sandals (here – other colors available)
Merona Tan/Beige D’Orsay Flats (here)
+ J.Crew Yellow Crossbody Purse (here – comes in so many colors that I need to stop myself from getting another!)
+ J.Crew Tan Regent Blazer (here)
+ J.Crew Navy/White Polka Dot Tee (here)

Bonus Items:
+ Merona Black D’Orsay Flats (here – bought with gift card)
+ J.Crew Navy Sweater Blazer via Poshmark (exact item, but in gray and black)
+ J.Crew Gold Star Sweater via Poshmark

Still going strong (mostly) with this “five piece” budget. I feel like this month was more a cheat than ever (my “thrifted” items still had the tags on them, but were still marked down considerably), but I’m still counting it as a success.  Just a reminder, thrifted items do not count towards the budget and accessories (that aren’t shoes or purses) also don’t count.

I’m also continuing the bullet point summaries of each item, because I think that is the best way to discuss these beauties!

  1. These beautiful baby blue suede block heels from Target were definitely similar to a pair that was mighty trendy last year, and fingers crossed it will be back again….because I have plenty of outfits pinned and now I can join in on the fun! This style comes in four other colors from Target.com, so snag them up while you still can (I love the red ones, also)!
  2. These Merona beige d’orsay flats were an impulse buy, as I actually went in for the black ones (here) as seen in this ‘Gram (here). But I couldn’t decide between the two, and that’s what leftover Christmas gift cards are for…right?
  3. This yellow J.Crew crossbody purse was brought to you by a super sale, a rewards cash coupon, and best friend enabling. I loved my red one so much from last month (and I’ve worn it nonstop), and I wear blue so much that I knew the yellow one would be well loved in my closet. And now no more purses…for quite some time.
  4. This J.Crew tan Regent blazer. I ordered this, because Fran wears and raves about hers all the time, and I certainly love the way it looks on her (and me). I had some credits and a great coupon code, but I didn’t/don’t really need another blazer (though this one looks way better than my old Target blazers). I was honestly thisclose to sending this bad boy back. But then The Husband came upstairs while I was trying it on and actually loved it…and he HATES blazers. So, since this was obviously end of the world territory, I kept it!
  5. And lastly, BUY this navy polka dot J.Crew tee! It’s true to size. It’s classic AND quirky. And if you like this blog, you know that navy is good for you. Enough said!

And because I was continually obsessing over my gray J.Crew sweater blazer (here) and constantly getting compliment after compliment (seriously, a flight attendant on our flight from Austin stopped me to tell me she loved it), I bought another one off a Poshmark seller…this time in navy (which they apparently offered only last year in the fall)! Major score there, along with the sold out Tippi sweater in gold stars (here). Constantly Poshmark/eBay searching does pay off!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ Literally nothing, I tried some work pants on at J.Crew that I didn’t love,  but everything this month just happened to work out!

Annnnnd as for March? I’ve got my eye on these gold wedge sandals (because I have to add to my collection from last year….favorite sandals ever) for sure. I did order this polka dot blouse that I raved about in this 3 Ways to Wear post, but it hasn’t arrived yet so we’ll see if I end up keeping it. What I really need to do is another closet cleanout and make a good list of things I want to add this spring!

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Great blazer and bag!

  • I love those flats and can’t believe they’re from Target! (Actually, I can, because Target is amazing.)

  • Love those blue heels! And can’t believe they are from Target. I must seek them out!

  • Oh, that Regent blazer. I’ve been eyeing it up since J.Crew first brought it out a few years ago. I hope you get a ton of wear out of it, it’s a gorgeous piece!