Favorite Favorites, February 2017

Yes, we’re halfway through March, and yes, I’ve gotten a little out of sync with my Favorite Favorites posts, but I’ve got some great finds to talk about from February, sooooo….


j.crew signet purse

Favorite Accessory: The signet bag from J.Crew. Are you sick of me talking about this yet? Well, too bad! I now have it in red and yellow, and I think it is the perfect shape and size for me! I can fit most of the things I normally carry: wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone, and 15 lip-sticks/balms/glosses. You know, the usual.

ps. This shot is from J.Crew’s website, because I am definitely not cool enough to have leopard wallpaper in my house…

Favorite TreatThis popcorn from Boom Chicka Pop. Soooo good and just the right balance of salty and sweet. One bag barely lasts two days a week in our house, because I am a popcorn monster. It is also the perfect snack to bring to a girl’s night when you plan to watch trashy TV, but end up talking about podcasts, product reviews, and politics! You know, if you do that kind of thing!  ;)

(Love you, B!)

Favorite State to Visit: Texas! It was such a great first trip to Texas for me, and you just can’t beat the weather (or the BBQ) that we had! I’m hoping to do a trip recap for you, but I need the weather in Indiana to cooperate, so I can shoot the spring looks that I wore down there. So for now you’ll just have to catch the photos on my Instagram (here). Early highlights though?

The Riverwalk in San Antonio. Tacos in Austin. The Hamilton Pool and its gorgeous waterfall. And lastly (but best of all), meeting Nicole from Writes Like a Girl and sharing delicious mac and cheese with her, Dago, and The Husband!

favorite coffee Dominican Republic

Favorite DrinkCafe Santo Domingo coffee (here). I can’t believe I haven’t shared my favorite coffee with you guys yet! We had the most amazing coffee on our honeymoon (almost three years ago) and tried forever to track it down. Someone suggested this brand in some forum, and then when I Googled it, I found it with a bunch of reviews confirming it was super similar to what others had drank in the Dominican Republic.

Best part? You can get it from Amazon…delivered to your door. So you’ll never go uncaffeinated again!

ps. This mug is old from Old Navy, but here is a super similar one from Target!

Favorite Shoes: These gingham ballet flat beauties from Banana Republic. They’re sadly out of stock in my size, but they still are gorgeous and a great spring style! They’d work so well with navy work pants now and a white or light blue sundress later! They also come in a super pretty heel version here. Want them alllllll!

eye masks

Favorite Skin Product: These ridiculously affordable eye masks. This might be the most excited I have ever been to share a beauty product with you guys…because it seriously works! Now, I’m certainly no beauty expert, but the reviews online were great too and align with my results. My under-eye area is super dark and sunken, and just one use of these made them lighter and visibly not-as-sunken (if that makes any sense at all). Super hydrating, easy to use, and non-beauty blogger recommended! ;)

And as an extra bonus, when I ordered these, I thought I was only getting one pack with 30 sheets in it (so 15 sets – one for each eye) and still thought it was a really good deal compared to other masks at Sephora or Ulta. WRONG. You get two 30-sheet packs! Win!

Favorite Clothing Item: Ignoring the gray sweater blazer from J.Crew (here – which is my real favorite favorite forever), my favorite article of clothing this month had to be these striped tees from Old Navy (here). They’re great quality and are so so so affordable, especially if you can catch them during a 30-40% sale! My favorite is probably the plain black/white, but I also have the red/white and love that too. I know I was so loyal to the striped tees from Merona at Target (here), but these are a little thicker (in a good way), and I like that they aren’t as fitted sometimes.

Plus, can a girl really have too many stripes (no…no is definitely the answer)!

J.R. Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Scented Hand Soap

Favorite Household ProductThis J.R. Watkins Aloe and Green Tea hand soap (here) that I picked up 1.) because we ACTUALLY needed hand soap and 2.) because I’m a sucker for marketing and cute labels. And I studied marketing, so you would think I would know better! Anyways, yes, it looks super pretty (like you bought it from a specialty shop…and not Target). And it is foaming, so it more fun than your average soap. And it smells so so so good! Highly recommend!

And next time I want to grab the lavender scented one (here)!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): This avocado purse. So tiny. So cute. So not practical for a 29-year-old. But hey….it’s still adorable!

Favorite Outfit: Two way tie between this yellow cardigan + striped dress look and this cherry print dress option. Two cheery looks for dreary winter!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

  • That purse on that backdrop are my favorite favorite too. And isn’t Austin so fun? Now I want to get to San Antonio as well…

  • YYEEEAAASSS! We went to the Dominican Republic last summer for our honeymoon and I swear they had THE best coffee. I’ve been searching for something similar so I am SO excited to try this kind out! THANK YOU!

    Also, those eye masks sound awesome and I love the price. Thanks for filling my amazon cart up! LOL!