3 Jackets You Need This Spring

The joke about Indiana weather goes like this…if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. Because it’s bound to change.

As a girl who has lived in Indiana for 25-ish years and who knows a thing or two about jacket weather (and parka weather and no-jacket weather and everything in between), let me tell you about the three jackets that you need this spring.

Because if it’s too warm for one of them…then it’s cold enough for another! ;)


merona utility jacket + black and white stripe tee + loft jeans + vintage coach purse | Style On Target blogblue and white stripe tee + green utility jacket + loft jeans + beige scallop flats; casual fall outfit | Style On Target bloggreen utility jacket + black dress + scallop flats + cognac coach crossbody purse; casual fall outfit | Style On Target

This is the piece you need, but don’t think that you need. Sure, everyone has a denim jacket and a trench coat on their “must have items list,” but the utility jacket is every bit as classic…and even more functional! Want to know why?


Seriously, guys. I can’t even explain how much use I have gotten out of utility jackets and their pockets, especially when traveling!

They also add a lot of texture and interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Take away the utility jacket in the outfits above, and I’m essentially wearing a striped tee and jeans or a basic black dress. Kinda of boring, but not with an added layer and dash of army green!

Utility jacket for the double win!


trench coat + Target stripe tee + Michael Kors purse + Loft jeans; Style On Target; spring casual outfittan J.crew chateau coat + Gap blue white stripe blouse + red Loft sunglasses + Loft jeans + Target suede d'orsay flats + red J.Crew purse; casual spring outfit | Style On Target blogtrench coat + cream cable sweater + Loft jeans + Target navy ballet flats | Style On Target blog

Because Europeans are never wrong about three things: cheese, wine, and trench coats. My favorite being cheese, but since today’s post is all about jackets…I better stay on topic!

This is the ideal spring weather jacket…especially when it’s real spring! Aka when it’s too crisp in the morning that you still need an extra layer to get you from Point A to Point B! I clearly favor pairing my trenches with blue (see all the example photos above), but the beauty of a classic beige trench is that it goes with EVERYTHING!

Seeeeeeee….those Europeans really do know what they’re talking about!


black tee + black grid print pants Old Navy + denim jacket + yellow purse + superga sneakers | Style On Target blogold navy city tee + denim jacket + red Loft skirt + stripe espadrilles | Style On Target bloggrid print black and white dress + jean jacket + black coach purse; casual fall outfit | Style On Target blog

Ahhhh the denim jacket.

I can’t pick a favorite from this group of three. But if I ABSOLUTELY had to…it would be this denim jacket. Specifically this one from Target (which I got last season – but this one is super duper similar and also from Target).

Because like a good pair of jeans, a perfect denim jacket can take you everywhere. I wear mine constantly from spring to fall and barely take a break from it (just long enough to wash it). It’s perfect with dresses, skirts, and patterned pants. I’ve also seen people wear it with other denim items, but I’m not brave/cool enough to do that….yet.

And that’s your top three…now you just have to check the weather forecast to see which one best fits your city. I’ll be wearing all three (probably all at once), knowing the weather here in Indiana! ;)

  • Liv

    A denim jacket is a must for any wardrobe. Great picks!



  • The Adored Life

    I often wonder if that saying is true of every state except for California. We say this ALLLLLL the time in Kansas too and also LIVE and die by having jackets with us!

    However, some people, like me, forget to check the weather often so we have to carry around emergency jackets in our trunk.

    The Adored Life

  • I don’t think “need” is strong enough of a word on these. Maybe “absolutely required”? I wear these 3 pretty much non-stop once I’m able to put away the winter coat.