March 2017 Budget

Patterns and prints? Tons of green? Nothing from Target?

What is this? A Style On Target imposter’s post? Nope, just a big change up from last month’s budget! Though don’t worry, there’s plenty of navy and classic patterns to talk about.

Check out March’s budget below to see the damage:

March budget 2017 | Style On Target blog

March 2017 Budget
+ J.Crew Black Sweater Blazer (here)
J.Crew Navy/Maroon Tweed Loafers (similar here)
+ Loft Navy Floral Fit and Flare Dress (here – pure perfection!)
+ J.Crew Green/Navy Geometric Print Skirt (here)
+ Loft Green Floral Print Shell Blouse (here)

Bonus Items:
+ Old Navy Chambray Dress (here – purchased with reward coupon)
+ J.Crew Navy/White Stripe Flats via Poshmark (super similar)
+ J.Crew Blue Locket Necklace (here)

Five items (kind of) five months in a row?! What what! This budget model is really working for me, and it’s getting easier and easier every month. Just a reminder, basic and thrifted items do not count towards the budget and accessories (that aren’t shoes or purses) also don’t count.

Let’s break it down, shall we?!

  1. Shocker of the century: I bought the only remaining color of the J.Crew sweater blazer (here). I couldn’t help myself. It was on super sale (finally). I knew it would sell out (it pretty much has). It’s a classic I have worn and will continue to wear forever. And the number one reason? Just so The Husband could continue to refer to it as a “sweazer”. Hilarious, folks.
  2. These navy/maroon tweed J.Crew loafers (same print in ballet flats here). Can you go to jail for stalking a pair of shoes? Asking for a friend. Because that’s exactly what I did with these beauties. And they were completely worth it! If you could wrap up my style in a shoe…it’s these!
  3. This Loft fit and flare dress is a dream! Perfect fit, perfect pattern, perfect color combo. Can’t beat it! Loft, please make more of your dresses in talls (like this one), so that I can continue to keep buying/wearing them!
  4. This J.Crew geometric print skirt. I have probably passed up this skirt 10 times, because the print is not my normal style and I don’t wear a ton of green. But then I saw someone wearing it on Pinterest and then someone wearing it Instagram…and realized how versatile it really was. So I ordered it, tried it on, and loved it!
  5. And lastly, this pretty pretty pretty floral blouse from Loft! Love the print and love the multiple ways to wear this piece!

Picked up three other pieces this month as well through rewards and Poshmark. Ready to get my spring on!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
The striped trench from J.Crew that I kept raving about – It certainly was beautiful, but not different enough from the other two beige trenches that I already own, so I couldn’t justify keeping it (but would still encourage anyone else to buy it).
+ The Uniqlo polka dot blouse featured in last month’s 3 Ways to Wear – sadly the dots were tan, not white.
+ This colorful Loft stained glass print blouse – adorable and the prettiest print, but I can’t deal with shoulder ruffles. But maybe you can?
+ These Michael Kors flats – I have been really struggling for some comfy cognac flats, and these were way too matronly on me. Back they go.

April showers bring….a new budget for Katie! I’ve got my eye on a few pieces, but nothing that I have to have, so we’ll see what those showers (and dollars) end up bringing me! ;)

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!