Spotted: Old Navy and Gap (and Banana Republic) No Exclusions Sale!

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Well hellllloooooo there, spring. So good to see you!

The spring weather may have been GREAT this weekend, but the spring styles and prices  in today’s sale MIGHT be better! Because apparently the Gap family of brands (Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic) are throwing out the rules and doing a sale that they’ve never done before. Aka 40% off everything with no exclusions!

That means Pixie pants (here) are included in the sale…which never happens. That also mean Gap jeans (here) are included in the sale…which also NEVER EVER happens! Oh…and everything else! And you have under 24 hours to take advantage…and if the sale wasn’t good enough already, you get free 2-day shipping too. Just use the code SPRING when you go to checkout, and tell ’em Style On Target sent you!

Just kidding on that last part, but the code will work!. ;)

Since Old Navy and Gap are in my normal price points, I’ve picked my favorite current pieces from each place and laid them out for you below, but don’t forget that the sale includes Banana Republic too!

First up is Old Navy, who really is just KILLING it lately. I ordered a few pairs of Pixie pants for work, these leopard print pumps (here – just to check the quality), and this super pretty dress (here) that I plan to live in this spring/summer. Check out the rest of my favorites below!

Old Navy Top Picks

And while I haven’t shopped at Gap lately, I love their recent turnaround in style. It’s almost like Old Navy is trying to appeal to the fun J.Crew lovers, while Gap is tackling the Madewell crowd. As for me, I’m into both style genres, so bring it on!

Gap Top Picks

  • I had taken a bit of a break from Gap in favor of Old Navy for the last couple of years, but I’m digging the Madewell look on them! I did go try jeans on there the other day though and had HORRIBLE luck. I tried on probably 15 pairs and left with 0. I ended up at American Eagle, of all places, after hearing good things about their jeans from (adult) friends recently and bought 2 pairs I love! Obvi, my love for Old Navy is unending. They’ve become my go-to spot for basics and especially shoes.

    Such a great roundup!