Five for Friday, Vol. 180 – Little White Dress

five for friday little white dress | Style On Target blog

Do you guys know how difficult it is to find a non-see-through white dress that is long enough (but isn’t a midi) and doesn’t have off-the-shoulder/bell-sleeves?

Because let me tell you… IT. IS. HARD.

I’ve probably ordered and returned about 8 white dresses this season, and they were all wrong for some reason or another. But this little white number from Gap comes in tall sizes (along with regular and petite) and appears to be a good length online.  And we’ll see when it arrives if it isn’t see-through! ;) Here’s hoping…especially since it is 40% off with code TODAY!

As for the rest of the picks? Well, I simply thought that they would work well together or separate in creating a spring-y outfit around this little white dress!

Just make sure you don’t pair the dress with your favorite red sauce or chocolate ice cream…and if you do, bring ALL the napkins! ;)