Favorite Favorites, April 2017

Long time, no talk about my Favorite Favorites, but don’t worry…they still exist! These posts actually end up being the most time-consuming for me to write, so I skipped the March edition and saved up a bunch of my favorites for April’s post.

And good golly, do I have some good ones to share with you!

So, wait no more, because….


J.Crew Factory stripe t-shirts and Kate Spade striped iPhone case

Favorite Clothing Item: These striped studio t-shirts from J.Crew Factory (here – these run smallish, I would order a size up).  The studio t-shirts from J.Crew Factory (solids here) in general are good (the only white tees that I don’t think are see through) and are very affordable, especially when you can snag them on a promo. But right now I’m all about these striped ones. They’re the perfect layering piece under a blazer or cardigan for work, and I have found myself wearing them a lot on the weekends with a neck scarf and utility jacket. They’re perfect for anything and everything!

Favorite Phone Case: This Kate Spade black and white striped iPhone 7 Plus case (here – pictured above). After finding this online and forking over more than I would normally pay for a phone case, I proudly proclaimed to The Husband that I will never need to buy another phone case for this particular phone ever again, because this one was perfect (sturdy, absolutely classic pattern, protective, etc.).

To which he responded, “Yeah, until you find the one that is navy and white striped!” Probably guilty…does he know me or what, folks?!

Sole Society knot slide sandals

Favorite ShoesThese beautiful knotted slide sandals (here). A little too cold here to bust them out now, but they’d be perfect for summer events and activities!

But how to choose between these three colors?!

Favorite Movie: Moana…yes, the children’s movie from Disney. We watched Moana after my mom was released following her surgery, and guys, I don’t know how it took me so long to see this movie. I thought it was so so so good, and the message of “being true to yourself” was so refreshing and empowering to hear, especially for children!

Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda (ala the Hamilton musical) did a majority of the soundtrack and it is amazingly good. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, add it to your list….”You’re Welcome”! ;)

ps. If you didn’t get that joke, check out this song from the movie!

Garnier micellar water cleanser and makeup remover

Favorite Skin Product: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (here). I’m a big fan of micellar products in general, but this might be the best one that I’ve tried. I had seen it recommended on several other blogs, so I grabbed it during one of my many, many Target runs. I use it on a cotton round (these, but any would work) after washing my face with this exfoliating face cleanser from Body Merry (here), and it is AMAZING how much extra dirt/makeup it picks up. It also leaves my face super soft and refreshed. Love, love, love it!

Favorite Accessory: My pretty little glitter reversible necklace from Loft (similar here). There’s not really much to say about this, but it might be my favorite piece from Loft ever. I love when accessories have hidden details and/or can be worn multiple ways, so I naturally was a big fan of this one, since it has a light glitter side and a dark glitter side. It also adds a really cool hint of texture to your look. Great job with this one, Loft!

Favorite Thing to Listen To: The Missing Richard Simmons podcast (here). Man, oh man, was this good, and I’m not even the biggest Richard Simmons fan. I listened to it during my entire trip up-and-back to visit my mom this past week. It was so interesting to hear about his climb to fame through the people that thought they knew him best. Highly recommend this one, and it was a pretty quick listen too (only six 30-minute-ish episodes)!

And after this one and S-Town, I’m now addicted to storytelling podcasts! Any others that you think I must listen to?

Plann Instagram planning app

Favorite App: The Plann scheduler app (here). This is for all my fellow bloggers/Instagram people out there who want to plan out your Instagram feed to look cohesive and put-together. I use the free version (duh), but you can always pay to upgrade to the premium version, which I think posts for you? But basically, the free version lets you upload up to 10 images to your feed to see what your future Instagram feed will look like. You can move the images around to your liking, and I really use it to set my planned posts for the week. I think it has really helped to make my feed more cohesive and helps keep me on track with my posting. Win-win!

ps. The palm leaf print is this sweatshirt from Old Navy (here). Loungewear of my dreams, and it is so so so soft!!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute)These adorable fruit-shaped planter boxes for your favorite plant (real or fake, I’ll never tell anyone). These are just the apple of my eye! ;) And I think they would be adorable in your kitchen or sunroom or porch!

Favorite Outfit: Tie between this gingham skirt look (here) and this floral print blouse styling (here). What can I say? I love a good navy look that is apparently made up of a skirt + blouse + cardigan/blazer formula!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

  • I loved the Richard Simmons podcast too! So fascinating! I really love You Must Remember This – all about Hollywood’s golden era. The lady that does it is an author and journalist and her commentary is always so spot-on and the research it takes must be tremendous. I’m loving that Loft necklace too! I got a double set from there this month that’s just large gold discs, one smaller and one large and I wear them with *everything*.