Nothing to See Here (Literally)

navy and white stripe skirt + navy tee + jean jacket; casual summer outfit | Style On Target

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Oh man you guys, has it been a week or is it just me…coming down from a vacation high?
  • I promise to be back up to regular blog posts next week (if the weather cooperates this weekend). It just seems like everytime I try to go take photos, something ends up happening (weather, equipment, vacation, etc.)
  • So instead feast your eyes on one of my favorite looks from last year around this time! Stripes are always a good idea!
  • And to end on the most random note ever, I did a foot peel soak last night (this one actually). Has anyone else done one of these? I won’t be sharing any photos of the process, but I will definitely share the results if it works in the next Favorite Favorites!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?