Spotted: Madewell Was Made for Summer

Madewell was made for summer

It gets a little monotonous on this blog sometimes with all the navy, stripes, and J.Crew-inspired items/looks. I know. You know. And it’s okay. I definitely have my favorite silhouettes and styles that I gravitate to (my motto is apparently, if it’s navy…grab it before it crawls away).

But sometimes, I feel like that might get boring or predictable for you as a reader, so I wanted to shake it up (a tiny bit) today with featuring a retailer that I don’t normally wear, but love love love to walk through their store/displays…aka Madewell.

There’s something inspiring about looks that basically just consist of a tee and shorts, but still areĀ “elevated” (whatever that means, right?). Basics that aren’t basic, you know? And no one does unbasic basics and summer styles quite like Madewell.

Easy, breezy, and only a tiny bit of navy in sight…here are my top 24 picks from Madewell this season. ;)

ps. Vacation clutch here…that makes me want to take a permanent vacation.