Five for Friday, Vol. 185 – Fruit Salad

five for friday summer 2017 fruit prints | Style On Target blog

Slice the lemons, core the pineapple, and chop the strawberries. It’s time for a Five for Friday fruit salad!

You apparently can’t do summer lately without a heavy dose of fruit prints, so I’ve “picked” a few “fresh” pieces for you. You can now eat your Vitamin C and wear it out for the whole world to see!

p.s Bonus points for this whole feature from J.Crew and their summer fruit prints/pieces.
pps. Bonus BONUS points for this cute watermelon print tote!

  • I just love the whimsy that fruit gives to an everyday item… reminds me that I need to pull out my pineapple espadrilles! And buy myself that strawberry tee. Strawberries are my FAVORITE.

  • Great stuff!