May 2017 Budget

Quick pop quiz time…

Guess what’s up in this month’s budget? A.) Stripes, B.) Polka Dots, C.) Blue + white, or D.) All of the Above.

If you selected D.) All of the Above, you have successfully passed this month’s budget quiz. A+’s all around, I’m sure. ;)

Check out May’s budget below to see the damage:

May budget 2017 | Style On Target blog

May 2017 Budget
+ J.Crew Factory Navy/White Polka Dot Twinset (cardigan here and sweater shell here) 
J.Crew Factory Multi-Colored Stripe Sweater (here)
+ J.Crew Factory Blue/White Stripe Skirt (here – with pockets!)
+ Loft Black/White Gingham Shorts (here)
+ J.Crew Factory White Clip-Dot Skirt (here – also with pockets!)

Bonus Items:
+ J.Crew Factory White Denim Jacket (here)
+ SugarFix by BaubleBar Black/White Drop Earrings (here)
Fossil Hybrid Q Watch (here – love it so far)
+ J.Crew Cap-Toe Ballet Flats (via Poshmark – similar)

The five items budget is still going strong! Just a reminder, basic and thrifted items do not count towards the budget and accessories (that aren’t shoes or purses) also don’t count.

Let’s break it down, shall we?!

  1. This twinset from J.Crew Factory is AH-MAZING (cardigan here and sweater shell here). It’s great quality for a “factory” piece, and I love how the patterns aren’t identical, but still go together (you know what I’m trying to say?). I wore the two pieces together to work last week and got a ton of compliments on it. The best part is you can wear them together with different bottom pieces or separately to create new looks! I can’t wait to wear these two again and again!
  2. This J.Crew Factory multi-colored sweater is the sweater I was looking for most of fall/winter, but it’s okay…because it is here now. And it is light enough to wear in the spring/fall on its own and layered up in the winter. Highly recommend this beauty!
  3. This blue/white striped J.Crew Factory skirt is a gem!  I almost sent it back, though, because I have so many striped skirts (okay, items in general), but then it was on super sale during the Memorial Day sales that I got a price adjustment…and it was only $25! And yes, it has pockets and will look equally great with graphic tees and sandals and button-downs and heels for work.
  4. These Loft gingham shorts. Ridiculously cute and perfect for summer. I am incredibly picky about shorts, and these beauties not only fit great, but they’ve got that oh so perfect pattern working for them. Done and done.
  5. And lastly, this pretty pretty pretty white skirt from J.Crew Factory! It’s hard to find a white skirt that isn’t insanely short and isn’t see through, but this one fits the bill. And yes, it has pockets! Swoon.

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ J.Crew Factory Sweater Tank – so bulky, so short, so…ick.
Soludos Giraffe Espadrilles – I don’t know why Soludos continue to look SO not right on me…maybe it is just my giant feet. Sigh.
J.Crew Straw Circle Bag – I SO wanted to love this bag, because I’ve wanted a circle straw/wicker bag alllll spring, but when your design team doesn’t consider the iPhone 7+ fitting into your purse…you know you need to rethink some things.

Next month is my favorite budget month…aka my birthday month where no budget rules apply, and I try to buy alllllll the things.

Which really might just mean waiting for all my Memorial Day orders to come in….because those sales were GOOD, and I did some damage. No specific needs/wants for next month, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open! ;)

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Oh while I don’t wear a lot of white I do admire it on others and that white skirt is beautiful! I agree, white things that are good quality and not see-through are so hard to find, so definitely worth snapping them up when you come across them! :)

    Hope you are having a great week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • That polka dot cardigan is adorable. It’ll look cute with so many things.

  • ann

    I agree with you about pockets. WHY is it so hard to find them in women’s clothes? And if it make you feel better, those espadrilles didn’t work for me, either. I ordered them after I saw your post, because I love giraffes. The fit was….weird….and…..wide…..and….? And I wear a pretty normal size 9. So, it’s not your feet, it’s the shoes.

  • The twin set from JCrew is fabulous!
    and as for pockets, if an item has them, specially skirts and dresses, there’s more odds I’ll end up buying it.

  • I love that cardigan! I have the same one and I love how many things it goes with. I don’t think I ever noticed the matching shell though, so I may have to go check that out!

    (Coming over from Fran’s budgeting link up)