3 Ways to Wear: The Floral Shorts

3 ways to wear J.Crew floral shorts | Style On Target blog

This month in “Can Katie Style It?” – aka the 3 Ways to Wear series – we’re taking on a piece that I’m considering adding to my own closet…a pair of floral shorts. Specifically, these ridiculously cute J.Crew floral shorts with tie belt (here)!

Do I only want these because Nicole has them (here for how she first styled them) and I want to be as cool and cute as her? Yes…absolutely. So I stole her shorts…and her stripe-mixing skillz (yes, with a z) for this post.

Call it swiping her style…call it inspiration, just don’t call me too late to order these shorts from J.Crew with my reward points. ;)

Ready, set, remix!

3 ways to wear floral shorts work | Style On Target blog

*Disclaimer: Only wear shorts to work if your office allows it. Mine doesn’t, so this is a nod to less conservative offices…

3 ways to wear floral shorts weekend | Style On Target blog

3 ways to wear floral shorts night | Style On Target blog