Put A Pin in It

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Today’s fun highlights:

  • Oh man guys, it has been a WEEK!
  • On Tuesday, I was convinced it was Thursday….that’s how long it felt. We’re short a team member at work this week, and let me just say…I’m happy it is the weekend!
  • This week has also been super weird for me, because I have had no interest in being on the computer after work. Like none. Which is really strange for me…but hey…not gonna fight it. Do you ever have weeks like that? Let me know I’m not alone!
  • So on that note, you get pictures from this weekend. One from Holland, MI, and a glamour shot of my ridiculously cute dog. You’re welcome (said to the tune of the song from Moana)!
  • I bought myself a watercolor set (hello 40% off Hobby Lobby coupons) for my birthday and got really into this week. Like doing it all the time (since I wasn’t on my computer…see above) and watching Youtube videos about it. Hooked, and I’m pretty decent at it too, I think!
  • This weekend is suppose to be rainy and ridiculously hot here, so perfect for staying in, getting some chores done, and listening to Lord Huron and painting with some watercolors. Don’t mind me….I’m just 30 going on 68. ;)

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • Kaci

    I think it’s great to unplug from time to time – and it sounds like you’ve found a great hobby!

  • I want to know what other fun things you found in my town… stop anywhere good to eat? :)