Summer 2017 Wishlist

Summer-summa-summer time!

Wednesday is the technically the first official day of summer, even though Indiana has already had many days over 90 degrees already (hello global warming)! I’m ready for porch sitting, pool swimming, sunglasses wearing, watermelon eating, and all of these summer items below.

But specifically that navy eyelet dress…which has been my favorite piece this summer!

summer 2017 wishlist | Style On Target blog

Top Twelve Things On My Summer Wishlist for 2017:

  1. New Summer Hat – I’ve had my old standby for years now, and it might be time to replace it with a new model. A classic fedora is always a great option!
  2. White Sleeveless Blouse – I’ve been looking for something just like this to wear under blazers at work and with skirts on the weekend. Simple pieces like this help me beat the summer heat/air-conditioning battle!
  3. Neutral Braided Belt – Light and bright and perfect for cinching in all the summer dresses without weighing you down! And this one is ridiculously affordable!
  4. Eyelet Shirt Dress – This was my birthday dress for 2017. It’s navy (comes in two other colors), has pockets, and is soooooooo pretty. Check, check, and check.
  5. Embroidered Tee –  Print-mixing without even lifting a finger…and can’t beat that color combo.
  6. Tan Espadrille Wedges – I bought these in navy last year, so when I found a pair on Poshmark in my size for under $20, I scooped them up! They’re actually ridiculously comfortable for heels, and I love how they go with everything and anything and look a bit more sophisticated than flip flops (not that there is anything wrong with those!)!
  7. Patterned Shorts – I’m not the biggest shorts fan (strong thighs for days, y’all), but you can’t survive on skirts and dresses all summer long, so I’ve been looking for some new shorts. And these paisley ones are prrrreeeetttty!
  8. Black Sandals – This one is simple enough. I have a favorite pair of cognac brown sandals that are so comfy, and I wear them ALLLL the time. So basically I need a black-colored version to be all those things too. You know, for variety! ;)
  9. White Denim Skirt – This is another one of those pieces that I have in another color (aka regular blue denim) and wear to death, so I know I would get a lot of use of another one in another versatile color. Or you know, just spill a ton of coffee on! ;)
  10. Blush Sunglasses – No I don’t know what is wrong with me either…but I just think these are the prettiest pair of sunglasses ever! And I think they look especially pretty with all these summer pieces!
  11. Straw Purse/Clutch – I have this clutch already from J.Crew and love it, but I’m in search of a circle straw/rattan purse, because I’m loving that summer trend right now (I’ve got my eye on this one)! The ideal way to finish off your summer outfit!
  12. Statement Earrings – Move over, statement necklaces. Statement earrings are making their move for top jewelry trend this season. There are so many good ones out there right now, but these are my favs. I bought the similar pair (here) from the SugarFix line at Target, but these are the original beauties!

Doesn’t everything look so pretty together? Blue, white, and neutrals for life, my friends!

What are you putting on your summer wishlist? Did I miss anything on mine that you have on yours?

  • Ooooh I really want the white version of that one to be MY birthday dress. I’ve been wanting to replace a white eyelet J.Crew dress for several years and the right thing just hasn’t popped up yet. I see this one is now 25% off… I’ve definitely been eyeing white denim skirts too, and a new way to wear stripes?! I’m in.