June 2017 Budget

June month = best month in these parts.

Warm weather? Check. Fun activities (because of said warm weather)? Check. Birthday, birthday cake, and birthday presents? Check, check, and more check.

But all that fun and activities actually left me with very little time to shop this month! Normally, I go balls-to-the-wall on my birthday month budget, but this month was surprisingly restrained…

…Maybe I really am getting older?! Insert shocked/horror emoji here.

Check out June’s budget below to see the damage:

June budget 2017 | Style On Target blog

June 2017 Budget
+ J.Crew Factory Chambray Blazer (here) 
+ Who What Wear for Target Black/White Floral Shirt Dress (here – with pockets!)
+ Who What Wear for Target Multi-colored Floral Shirt Dress (here – with pockets!)
+ Ellen and James Round Rattan Purse (here)
+ Merona Black Strap Sandals (here – also comes in cognac brown)

Bonus Items:
+ J.Crew Lemon Print Cardigan (here – used my J.Crew rewards on this!)

The five items budget is still going strong! Just a reminder, basic and thrifted items do not count towards the budget and accessories (that aren’t shoes or purses) also don’t count.

Let’s break it down, shall we?!

  1. This chambray blazer from J.Crew Factory is a great steal for the quality (if you happen to win at the J.Crew Factory pricing game…patience is unfortunately a virtue here). I scored this during their Memorial Day sale, and I do not regret it at all! I’m a layer-er at work, so this is perfect with all my skirts and dresses for office looks!
  2. This black/white floral print shirt dress from Who What Wear for Target is the first piece I have bought from this line at Target. The rest of the pieces are just too trendy for me or made of weird fabrics or poorly constructed. But this piece, this piece is a winner! And so is this print!
  3. The other floral print shirt dress from Who What Wear for Target! Ditto above. This one might be my favorite of the two prints, but don’t tell the other one!
  4. This beautiful handmade round rattan purse. Because I am the most basic blogger to have ever lived, and I don’t care at all! I love this little bag, but it comes with two little warnings. 1.) It smells like a campfire (which I don’t hate….but I also was a camp counselor forever). I’ve only had mine for 4 days, and I’ve read the reviews that the smell dissipates, but here is your warning. 2.) It is not crossbody length at all, which is a mini bummer for me, because I solely carry crossbody purses (minus the occasional tote or clutch).  I’m trying to think of a way around this, but no luck so far. Any ideas? (MOM?) After all that though, I would definitely recommend it for someone looking for an affordable circle/rattan/straw purse option, and the shipping was so so so fast!
  5. And lastly, this simple pair of black ankle strap sandals. Because they have great reviews and I was in need of a pair of simple black sandals…oh and a birthday gift card definitely was involved in these!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ Mossimo Striped Dress – so beautiful on several other bloggers…and then a really weird awkward length on me. Pass.
Gap Striped Linen Shorts – Would be perfect pajama shorts, but not ideal for the style/look I was going for!

Next month I have no plans to really buy ANYTHING (crazy, right?). Summer weather is such a brief time period in Indiana that I don’t really need a whole lot of new things.

Or at least that’s what I will keep trying to tell myself! ;)  And I’m trying to save up some dollars for my favorite clothing season…fall!

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!