Five for Friday, Vol. 191 – Fast Fix Friday

Five for Friday, Vol. 191 - Fast Fix Friday | Style On Target blog
Another speed round of Five for Friday.

Mainly because I’ve been too busy enjoying summer in the Midwest (all the farmers’ markets and all the hand-scooped ice cream, please), but also because the last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home from working on the computer all day…is to sit down and work on the computer some more! Anyone else feel me?

So let’s make this post super quick with some recent favorites and then hit the ice cream stand, deal?! DEAL!

  • I bought those Sam & Libby sandals last week and have been living in them ever since. I never was on board the Jack Rogers train because I found them to be incredibly clacky and uncomfortable, but these knockoffs are fabulous! Better than the original, in my opinion.