Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m a twenty-something with a passion for classically-fun and affordable style. I’m a coffee drinker, bicycle rider, brunch lover, football watcher (go Colts), Taylor Swift fan, puppy mom, and Hoosier (someone who lives in Indiana)!

Some background on the blog:
I started this blog in order to show people that fashion isn’t about magazine spreads, exclusive boutiques, and high dollar items. I read TONS of fashion/personal style blogs and was just amazed by how many bloggers assumed people could throw down $750+ for a new outfit every SINGLE day!

I’m out to show that you can find amazing clothes and style with clothing, shoes, and accessories purchased within your budget at your local Target. Each outfit will feature at least one (if not, many more) clothing item or accessory that can be found at Target. Please note that this blog is 100% unaffiliated with Target at this present time.

More about me, okay? I live in Indianapolis, IN, and I am currently married to the best guy in the world, Chad (biased? I think not). Together, we are raising a dog, Cooper (an Australian Shepherd mix/mutt), who I rescued from a local shelter in 2012 and who might be attached to my hip, 85% of the day. I graduated in 2010 from Indiana University with a degree in both marketing and journalism. However, I currently work in the insurance industry. I’m also addicted to really bad TV (aka the Kardashians) and Instagram (please tell me I’m not alone).

Questions? Comments? Chat? Please email me at styleontarget@gmail.com.


The not-so-fine print…aka disclosure.

Sometimes Style On Target will contain affiliate links through ShopStyle. In English this time? Sometimes I will link to products that I may receive 5-10 cents commission for every click you make. While this is mere pennies, it certainly adds up, and I certainly want you to know about it!

I will also do sponsored posts from time to time, though they will need to be in conjunction with the overall message of this blog, which is personal style on a budget. I appreciate your support of the sponsors that help make Style On Target possible. If you are interested in working with Style On Target, please contact me!