November 2016 Budget

Whoa. Is anyone else still coming out of the fog that was Thanksgiving break? I think I spent a little bit too much time eating stuffing, watching a billion football games, and throwing all my money at J.Crew during their Black Friday sales.

I have a ton of orders coming in, but since this post is going up today, I had to make an educated guess as to what items I’ll actually end up keeping from my Black Friday haul. So here’s my guess, but I could end up very wrong.

Check out November’s budget below to see the damage:

november budget 2016 | Style On Target

November 2016 Budget
+ Marks & Spencer Navy Ankle Strap Heels (here)
+ Uniqlo Brown Fur Fleece Vest (here – 4 other colors available…I kind of want the black too!)
+ Charter Club Polka Dot Sweater (here)*
+ Gap Multicolored Stripe Sweater (here for the men’s version and here for the women’s version)*
+ Sole Society Green Suede Ankle Boots (here)

Bonus Items:
+ J.Crew Plaid Coat (here – I save up for a new winter coat each year, and this is my 2016 one!)
+ Merona Green/Navy Plaid Scarf (here)

*Means they haven’t arrived yet, but I bet I end up keeping. The other three items have already been worn, so I know they’re keepers!

So just as a reminder, last month I said I was going to be limiting my budget just to five items per month, not counting outerwear and/or accessories that aren’t purses or shoes. I held true to this plan this month, and any of my other Black Friday scores not included above will apply to December….so let’s hope some of them don’t work out! ;)

The new budget helped me make some good decisions about what items I really really really wanted to keep and what items didn’t make the long term cut for my closet. The items above are either classic staples OR fun classic patterns that will keep things in my closet interesting (because Lord knows I would be bored to tears with a completely solid color closet).

And this month, I discovered that my favorite London chain (Marks & Spencer)…now ships to the United States, so my whole life was made. Those gorgeous navy ankle strap block heels (last seen in this post) are perfect for work and look great with and without tights!

The Uniqlo fleece/fur vest (here) was a great dupe for the J.Crew fur vest (here) that was much MUCH more expensive, so win there!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This J.Crew houndstooth blazer – I have a ton of blazers, and this one wasn’t quite special enough to make it into my closet, but would recommend if you are looking for a work blazer!
+ This Loft cream sweater – I could not even describe how much I did not like this sweater. Boxy and oversized and so not my style.
+ This Ann Taylor tweed skirt – beautiful and gorgeous, but not versatile enough to wear enough times.

Again, I’m sure a lot of my five items next month will be taken up by my Black Friday purchases, but you’ll have to wait to see those! Can’t wait for that “mountain” of packages to arrive! ;)

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

October Budget 2016

Welllllllll, it’s a pretty surprising how much I spent this month, since I wasn’t even in the country for two weeks! But at least no one can say that I can’t make up for lost time! ;)

Check out October’s budget below to see the damage:

october 2016 budget; Style On Target

October 2016 Budget
Merona Green Suede Loafers – $13 ($25 originally – 25% off sale – $5 coupon code – here)
+ J.Crew Brown Corduroy Blazer – $110 ($168 originally – sale price – 30% off sale – here)
Maroon J.Crew Cardigan – $60 ($90 originally – 30% off sale – here)
+ Cat & Jack (Target kids line) White/Black Striped Turtleneck – $5 ($7 originally – 20% off kid’s clothing sale – here)
Superga Black Leather Sneakers – $25 ($30 originally – $5 coupon code – here)

Not Pictured:
Loft Rabbit Print Utility Blouse – $16 ($60 originally – 40% off sale – $20 Loft cash – here)
+ Old Navy Maroon Skirt – $5 ($25 originally – sale price – 40% off sale – here)
Uniqlo Plaid Shirt – $20 ($30 originally – sale price – here)
+ Old Navy Grid Print Pants – $0 ($35 originally –  40% off sale – rewards credit – here)
+ Etsy Navy Fit and Flare Dress – $35 ($35 originally – here)

Total Spent: $289

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: -$89 = $200 – $289
Total Saved: $216 = $505 (if not on sale) – $289
Item Count: 10
Carryover to Next Month: $21 = $110 – $89

I’m keeping this month’s review short, since I’m discussing a new budget idea to come in the next two months (or more, if I like how it works). But, I really, reallyREALLY, love the items I picked up this month. Perfectly perfect for my fall wardrobe! I mean look at those jewel colors!

Plus, I can’t wait to show you outfits with my new blazer (even though without buying it, I would have been WELL under budget) and my new Etsy dress (beg the owner of the shop to make you one like mine…which is what I did)! Outfits coming hopefully this week and next!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This fur/fleece vest from J.Crew – I liked it, but I didn’t like the price for how few ways I could think to wear it…so I am going to try this one from Uniqlo…for way less.
+ This gray tweed skirt from Loft – love the fabric and fit, but hate hate HATE the stitching of the panels together (so cheap looking)

Next month (and in December, as well), I’m going to be doing an experiment/little something different with my budget. I’m starting to notice that I am accumulating SO MANY ITEMS that it is almost making it hard to wear my clothes. Plus, I find myself gravitating to items that will last over several seasons, years, and even decades.

My plan for this is to first do a deep clean out of my closet (neeeeds it), develop a list of needs (i.e. basics) and wants (i.e. wishlist items), slowly build up my basics of good, quality pieces (examples: tan cashmere sweater and black ankle pants) that won’t directly impact my budget, and then limit the amount of  want/wishlist clothing and shoes that I have coming that WILL directly impact my budget.

I’m aiming to have an up-to-5-item-per-month budget with no real spending limit (mainly because this isn’t the huge issue right now), so it’s basically a modified 5-Item French-Wardrobe (more on that here, if you haven’t heard of it before). It’ll still give me options to be creative, but still give me a strict limit on what’s coming in. I’ll have to really really really want something for it to be part of my monthly budget, since it will only leave room for 4 other items in the month.

Thoughts on this new budget idea? Yay or nay? ;)

ps. I haven’t figured out what my limit with accessories will be, but I don’t really see too many of those coming in, so I guess I will address those as they come.

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

September 2016 Budget

Wake my up when my September budget ennnnnndddssss. Green Day anyone? (Aka this song). And even if you’re not a fan of the band or the song, you might be a fan of where my dollars went this month!

So let’s check out September’s budget below to see the damage:
september 2016 budget | Style On Target

September 2016 Budget
+ Old Navy Black/White Gingham Scarf  – $7 ($17 originally – 40% off sale – part of a reward coupon – here)*
Merona Plaid Blazer – $21 ($35 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – $5 coupon code – here)*
+ Merona Burgundy Watch – $13 ($17 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – here)*
+ Loft Red Floral Print Utility Blouse – $16 ($60 originally – 40% off sale – $20 Loft cash – here)
+ Sam & Libby Beige Scallop Flats – $21 ($35 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – $5 coupon code – here)*

Not Pictured:
+ Old Navy Plaid Shirt Dress – $0 ($37 originally  – 40% off sale – part of a reward coupon – here)
+ Charter Club Tan Button Corduroy Skirt – $30 ($60 originally – sale price – 25% off sale – here)
+ Merona Black/White Grid Shirt Dress – $16 ($28 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – $5 coupon code – here)
+ Merona Floral Print Shirt Dress – $16 ($28 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – $5 coupon code – here)
+ Merona Navy Bird Print Shirt Dress – $16 ($28 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale – $5 coupon code – here)
+ Merona Cobalt Blue Fit and Flare Dress  – $21 ($28 originally – 25% off Labor Day sale  – here)
+ Loft Fox Graphic Tee – $17 ($30 originally – 40% off sale – here)
+ Amazon Black Tassel Crossbody Purse – $29 ($29 originally – looks like a Chloe Hudson dupe! – here)

Total Spent: $223

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: -$23 = $200 – $223
Total Saved: $209 = $432 (if not on sale) – $223
Item Count: 13
Carryover to Next Month: $110 = $133 – $23

Another month, another budget overflowth. #whoops

The good thing is that is wasn’t over by thaaaaat much, plus I’ll be in a foreign country for half of next month, so I probably won’t spend all of October’s budget. Probably. Definitely Maybe. However,  I always am up for a challenge! ;)

Back to this month’s budget though. I am a SUCKER for fall fashion. I seriously can’t get enough of the patterns, the colors, the layering abilities, etc. It’s my favorite time of the year for SO MANY REASONS.

Lots and lots of dresses this month, for some reason. But if you consider buying one thing from this month’s haul (and you already have these amazing scallop ballet flats), I would recommend buying this shirt dress from Target’s Merona brand. It comes in 5 different patterns, and I bought 3 of the 5. Such great prints (and fit), and I’m excited to wear them to work, on the weekend, and on date nights!

Target is also killing it in the shoe department, so when I was celebrating my blog anniversary, I decided to treat myself to not only a new skirt (see this post), but also new ankle boots (these from the dv for Target brand), since I wear mine alllllllll the time. These are super comfy, and I’m digging the double zipper action. Happy blog birthday to me.

And let’s end on the cutest note…this Loft fox tee. Dorbs.

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This gorgeous J.Crew cardigan – for some reason, I ordered this in the dusty pink color…which is so not like me. I loved the fit and the quality, so I might try ordering it a different color (7 others) next time.
+ This blue button skirt from J.Crew – the color was WAY more purple than blue…sad face.
+ This blue coat from J.Crew Factory – this color was perfect, but the coat just hung like a sack…not a cute look for this girl, despite the pretty color. Back it goes…
+ These skinny jeans from The Limited – way too thin and way too tight.

Like I said before, next month will (fingers crossed) be a much smaller haul since I’ll be gone part of the month. But I keep waiting for this coat to go on sale (so much like my camel on from last year..but this time I want it in gray), and I’d also like to snag a gray turtleneck sweater (maybe this one). Other than that…it’s up in the air! What are you wanting to trick-or-treat yourself to in October?

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

August 2016 Budget

Guys, did you know that it is the end of August already? How? Why? When? Where?

After you’re done answering all those questions for me, be sure to check out August’s budget below to see the damage:
august 2016 budget | Style On Target

August 2016 Budget
+ Merona Wedge Suede Heels (both black and gray) – $45 ($30 each – BOGO 50% off – here)
+ J.Crew Factory Gingham Cardigan  – $25 ($70 originally – sale price – 30% off sale – here)
+ Banana Republic Black Belted Cardigan – $19 ($98 original price – 50% off for cardholders + $20 reward coupon – here)
+ Club Monaco Gingham Scarf – $25 ($60 originally – sale price – 40% off clearance – here)
+ Old Navy Black Floral Dress – $16 ($33 originally – sale price – 35% off sale – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Merona Green/White Stripe Boatneck Tee – $0 ($12 – gift card – here)
+ J.Crew Navy/Red Stripe Skirt – $20 ($80 originally – via Poshmark)
+ Old Navy Black Plaid Midi Skirt – $16 ($30 originally – sale price – 35% off code – here)
+ J.Crew Factory Horseshoe Cardigan – $25 ($70 originally – sale price – 30% off sale – here)
+ J.Crew Factory Striped Shell – $19 ($45 originally – sale price – 30% sale – here)
J.Crew Factory Striped Cardigan – $25 ($60 originally – sale price – 30% sale – here)
+ Zara Black/White Polka Dot Scarf – $13 ($13 originally – here)
+ Merona Navy Ballet Flats – $15 ($20 originally – BOGO 50% off – here)
Sam & Libby Maroon Scallop Ballet Flats – $30 ($35 originally – BOGO 50% off – here)

Total Spent: $293

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: -$93 = $200 – $293
Total Saved: $393 = $686 (if not on sale) – $293
Item Count: 14
Carryover to Next Month: $133 = $226 – $93

It’s no surprise to me that I went over budget for the month of August. August is the glorious month where all the stores start to bring out their fall apparel…and I lose my mind and control over my wallet.

Despite spending nearly a month and half…in one month, I’m in love with everything I purchased. Lots of red, lots of navy, all kinds of classic patterns, and tons of Target shoes…you know, basically my MO.

My two favorite items might be this belted cardigan from Banana Republic (such a good use of my rewards) and these scallop flats from Target (so comfy)! Both perfect for fall, though I’m already working on breaking in these flats!

I also somehow ended up with another green utility jacket (this one from Target)! In my defense, I was looking for a heavier, longer version than my J.Crew field jacket, and this one fits the bill! I don’t play by the rules (and I live in the Midwest…where the weather also doesn’t play by the rules), so I don’t count outerwear in my budget roundups!

Which is also why this polka dot puffer vest that I am DYING over also didn’t make a dent in my budget. #rulebreaker

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This nearly perfect skirt from Banana Republic – I really, really, REALLY wanted this skirt to work, because it is the perfect color combo for my closet. Unfortunately, it was just too short and too boxy. Super bummer.
+ This yellow dress from J.Crew Factory – weird material and bunching in weird places is an easy no for me to make.
+ This faux suede skirt from Macy’s – I had such high hopes for this skirt, and they were crushed by the length and the obviously fake material. Next.

I plan on buying ALL of the items from the J.Crew Factory roundup here next month. Just kidding, but Sarah suggested it…and it would be the greatest/worst idea ever! In reality, hopefully I will be slowing down my spending, but Labor Day sales might get the better of me!

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

July 2016 Budget

Honestly, guys. I’m shocked again that another month has passed by so quickly! I barely had any time to shop! It’s been scorching hot here in Indiana lately, so I haven’t felt the need to empty my wallet for too many new fall clothes yet, but you know that will change soon! #cannotwait

Check out July’s budget below to see the damage:

july 2016 budget Style On Target

July 2016 Budget
+ Old Navy Green Maxi Dress – $17 ($37 originally – discounted price – 40% off sale – here)
+ Merona Dog Print Shirt (from the men’s dept.) – $17.50 ($25 originally – 30% off Fourth of July sale – here)
+ Charming Charlie Red Wayfarer Sunglasses – $9 ($9 originally – here)
+ Merona Black Knotted Belt – $0 ($17 originally – gift card – here)
+ Merona Chambray Sleeveless Top – $16 ($23 originally – 30% off Fourth of July sale – here)
+ The Limited Lemon Print Skirt – $35 ($70 originally – 50% off coupon in the mail – here)

Not Pictured:
Old Navy City Graphic Tee – $5 ($13 originally – 40% off sale – reward credit – here)
+ Merona Chambray Long Sleeve Button Down – $16 ($23 originally – 30% off Fourth of July sale – here)
+ Zara Cap-Toe Block Heels – $40 ($40 originally – here)

Total Spent: $155.50

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$44.50 = $200 – $155.50
Total Saved: $101.50 = $257 (if not on sale) – $155.50
Item Count: 9
Carryover to Next Month: $270 = $226 + $44

Oh man guys, I ordered a ton of new things this month, and then disappointingly, returned most of it! I just am getting more particular about the things I want hanging in my closet or I just have too many things hanging in my closet. Probably both…depends on if you ask me or The Husband! ;)

Also this month in my shopping adventures, I met a blog reader when I was buying the sunglasses (hi Leah!), successfully conned my mom into hemming my green maxi dress (thanks Mom!), and bought and wore my first midi skirt (to be blogged later)! Woot woot!

I also cannot recommend those chambray shirts from Target enough! They are made with Tencel material, which makes them fluid and not stiff, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a new chambray shirt. And yes, I needed both the sleeveless and the long sleeve version. Because have you been outside in Indiana lately? #hot

The knot belt I bought last month was sooooo good in brown that I decided I need it in black. Because nothing is easier than a belt that knots itself…and that you bought with a birthday gift card. ;)

And yes, I bought a shirt that is from the men’s department that has little puppy dogs on it.  I don’t even care how many times I wear it…cost-per-wear be darned. I’m all about the cute animal graphic prints for life, y’all!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This brown Old Navy dress – Super burlap sack fitting on me. Ick. That is all.
+ This floral print Loft dress – Umm. If you like pink, buy this dress. It is GORGEOUS. I do not like pink, and did not realize HOW pink it was going to be….which is why it did not stay in my closet. But it is still a SUPER pretty dress.
+ This gray tweed Loft dress – minus the pockets, I might have kept this dress, but the pockets added so much bulk to the bottom portion of the dress!

I’m sure next month will be the month that I buy ALL THE THINGS, because I love shopping for fall clothes, and I already know I have a few orders shipping in from Loft and Nordstrom that I didn’t count in this month (since my return rate has been so extreme lately).

How did you do this month on your budget? What did you score from the Nordstrom sale? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!