Fall Capsule #1: December Outfits + Capsule Recap


I started my first Capsule Challenge about 3.5 months ago. I wanted an easy way to reflect on what outfits I had worn and what pieces I had utilized, so I thought a recap post might be a good way to do that (here are September’s recap post, October’s recap post, and November’s recap post). This way I can see what’s working and what’s not, and you can have a concise post of the outfits (in case you didn’t want to read my everyday ramblings and just wanted the looks)!

Here. We. Go…


  1. Whirlwind Weekend
  2. Plaid + Faux Leather
  3. Stripes At Last!
  4. In-VEST-ed
  5. Graphic Sweater, Winter Style
  6. No Dots About It
  7. Fur Get About It
  8. Holiday Dressing
  9. Red-dy, Set, Blue
  10. Orange You Glad
  11. Spotted Plaid
  12. Basics and A Beanie
  13. Life Facts
  14. Sometimes
  15. Neutral Leopard
  16. Striped Up, Plaid Down
  17. Polka Party
  18. And We’re Off!
  19. Swan Song (The End of the Capsule)
  • Most Worn Item (besides jeans): cognac ankle boots, tan sweater, gray jeans
  • Least Worn Item: most of my skirts (see below)
  • Favorite Outfit: #6
  • Honorable Mentions: #11, #13, #14, and #18
  • Least Favorite Outfit: none really!

So here’s some things I learned from the capsule:

  1. I forgot completely about no-shopping during Black Friday. Whoops. Yay for cheating.
  2. I also completely forgot that in December, my work normally lets us wear jeans the whole month. So a lot of my skirts and dresses went unworn in the month of December, which was annoying, because I had SO MANY OUTFIT IDEAS for them.
  3. I’m not made to have a capsule. I think it’s something I would have to learn. I actually really like schedules and consistency, but apparently not in my wardrobe. Spontaneity, please! If I wanted to wear my leopard ankle boots, I couldn’t, which is a sad face.
  4. It was nice (in my early early morning zombie state) to only have 43 items to choose from. It makes outfit planning that much easier.
  5. The no-shopping was hard, but not that hard, since I left myself a cheat: accessories and outerwear. That was nice and really helped expand my outerwear collection!
  6. I had a blank slot in my capsule for a to be determined item (see final capsule items here) in case I had a desire to wear something, but I never made a decision or needed something else, so I only ended up using 43 items for 74 outfits. I had about 20-30 more outfit ideas (mostly work wear) that I could have done, but I was running out of outfits based around jeans. So it goes.
  7. I thought I was going to do a mid-January capsule, but I’m going on a cruise at the end of January, so that might not work…I might consider doing a mini-capsule (say 10 items for 15 outfits or something similar) instead. But the lovely Anne is doing a winter capsule, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with (her inspiration board is EXACTLY what I want to look like everyday for the rest of my life – no exaggeration), so you should check her out too!

That’s about it here then! Thanks for reading and following along with my capsule challenge!

Fall Capsule #1: Swan Song


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Hello last outfit of the capsule (and hello end of the no-shopping ban)! Ps. I might end up wearing this for New Year’s Eve next week. It’s festive and the colors seem to be spot on.
  • I had a lovely Christmas day, and I hope you all did too. We opened presents, ate a whole bunch of appetizers, and went with the rest of northern Indiana to see a movie at the local theater. It was packed, but Unbroken is worth the price of a ticket (though I would highly recommend reading the book too)!
  • I think today my mom and I might go see Into the Woods. I’m in love with musicals, but haven’t seen this one ever, so I’m excited to see it for the first time. I heard Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt are amazing in it.
  • Did anyone else see a movie this weekend? My brother R pointed out that I don’t end up watching a lot of movies, but apparently all the ones I did want to see came out in or around December. I still want to catch Wild.
  • Hanging out the rest of today and tomorrow morning at my parents and then we’re headed back to Indianapolis to open our last presents (just The Husband and I together with Cooper at home) and enjoy the rest of our weekend (just read that as getting brunch and watching football).
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Nothing! I’m loving being on break and having some free time to spend with my family!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Outfit 74

Fall Capsule #1: And We’re Off!


It’s official! The Husband and I have been off of work for about 3.5 hours by the time this post goes live, and we’re off for the next two days (plus the weekend)!

We’re off to the airport to pick up my younger, but not so little brother R from the airport (he’s flying in from California), and then we’re headed up to my parents’ home.

I’m so excited to eat our traditional Christmas Eve pizza and stay up too late. I’m usually the first one to wake up on Christmas morning (old habits from being a kid die hard, huh), but this year, I’m hoping to enjoy a giant cup of coffee and puppy snuggles (and let’s be honest, some good Pinterest scrolling) before everyone wakes up. Then we’ll open presents, eat the cinnamon rolls that I begged my mom for, and probably go catch a movie. Can’t. WAIT!

What are your holiday traditions?

*ps. One more capsule outfit to go, but you’ll have to wait until Friday to see it! Suspense!


Outfit 73

Fall Capsule #1: Polka Party


Let’s get festive for one of our last looks from the capsule collection! I wanted to get some more fancy outfits on here, but let’s face it. I never do anything fancy. We normally have a Christmas party to attend this time of year for my work, but somehow, the Party Planning Committee completely bailed on it (ps. it’s their only event) and had a minor Happy Hour event after work one day.

Not. A. Party. Friends.

So basically, this is my What-I-Would-Have-Worn-To-My-Non-Existent-Christmas-Party outfit….and I only wore it in my backyard for a party for two (me and Cooper, not me and The Husband in case you were wondering).


Outfit 72

  • On Target item: Merona Polka Dot Coat (exact – and on sale!)
  • Lip Color: Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain (exact; love these, this one is “Romantic”)
  • Necklace: Target (Winter 2013; similar 1similar 2)
  • Dress: Merona, Target (similar options below)
  • Purse: DKNY, thrifted (similar 1, similar 2)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – plus 9 other colors!)
  • Ankle Boots: Mossimo, Target (similar 1, similar 2)

Fall Capsule #1: Striped Up, Plaid Down


Well hello there, and welcome to the week of Christmas! Hope you got your shopping done, because I went to Target yesterday for yogurt and apples, and it was a madhouse. All the lines were open, but there were like 3+ people in each line with carts full of merchandise…and then there was me with my three yogurts and my bag of apples. Crazy.

I spent my weekend celebrating Christmas with my in-laws. They must really love me, because I may have burnt a blanket on a space heater* (always cold and always too close to the heat), and The Puppy got sick in the kitchen AND we still got presents!

We had a fun time opening presents, eating too much, and playing with three dogs. I also may have worn my J.Crew Factory vest (here) all weekend long. It was a great weekend spent together, and I only have to make it through another 1.5 days of work before we get to leave for our next family adventure! Hip, hip, hooray!

*This wasn’t the worst thing that’s happened to my at my in-laws (that’s a story for another blog post, but spoiler alert, I locked everyone out of the house).

ps. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should be), check out these adorable “reinbeers” that my mother-in-law and father-in-law (he did the antlers) made. Almost too cute to drink!



Outfit 71

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