Fall Capsule #1: In-VEST-ed


True life: I’ve worn this outfit three times since getting this vest in the last three weeks. It’s the perfect cure for those winter time blues.

I love the mix of the navy/green vest with the camel colored sweater, and I love to top it all off with this cute little beanie (which is the steal of the century from Old Navy). Plus, this vest is so fluffy and is practically a built-in personal heater. Which is great, if you can get past the fact that it makes you a bit “fluffier.”

Blame it on the vest, blame it on the six Thanksgiving meals you had this past week, or blame it on all those holiday cookies from your co-workers…just don’t blame it on me!


Outfit 59

  • On Target item: Denizen Jeans, exclusively at Target (exact)
  • Hat: Old Navy (exact – so cute in navy/bright blue and in tan/pink)
  • Vest: Old Navy (sold out online, similar plaid options below)
  • Sweater: Old Navy (old; almost exact)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (exact – also in black)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (exact – sold out online, but check for your local stores; similar 1, similar 2)

Fall Capsule #1: Stripes At Last!


Oh man, it is getting close to the end of this capsule challenge, and I’m just now pulling this dress out of the collection to wear? Shame on me.

Truth be told, I was saving it for something special, like that new favorite skirt or blouse that you just want to wait and wear for that “special occasion or moment”. I had a good friend in college that told me she never wastes a moment to wear her new favorite thing, because every single day is a special moment and every day should be cherished.

Isn’t that cheesy? Yes. Do I still love it (and that friend)? Absolutely. Plus, you want to talk about maximizing your wardrobe and wear per item? Start wearing your items that you already own…instead of saving them for something special, only wearing it once or twice (because they’re soooo “special”), and losing the love that you have for them!

Well here’s to that friend, and here’s to cheesy sayings that are only cheesy because they ring true.


Outfit 58

  • On Target item: Merona Black and Gray Stripe Fit and Flare Dress (exact – under $30!)
  • Necklace: Target (old; similar 1 – only $8.50, similar 2)
  • Purse: Under the Sky, Target (exact – black/gray and also in brown/coral)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – plus 9 other colors!)
  • Ankle Boots: Mossimo, Target (Fall 2013; similar options below)

Fall Capsule #1: Plaid + Faux Leather


This is probably one of my favorite outfits from the capsule so far! I wore it to brunch two weekends ago with some friends, and while I may have been the most dressed up at our table of four, I was certainly still comfortable. Plus, the plaid shirt keeps it on the casual side.

The brunch spot we went to is within walking distance from my house (thank you walkable ankle boots) and has paper tablecloths that you can color on, which my inner child definitely appreciates. So while I may look the most polished at brunch, rest assured that I will be coloring my heart out at the table and likely spilling some coffee on my shirt.

That’s a typical Sunday here for Style On Target…;)!


Outfit 57

  • On Target item: Merona Plaid Shirt (exact)
  • Scarf: unknown (similar 1, similar 2)
  • Watch: Merona, Target (exact)
  • Purse: vintage Coach (thrifted; exact current bag; super similar for less!)
  • Skirt: Ann Taylor (Winter 2013; similar options below)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – plus 9 other colors!)
  • Ankle Boots: Mossimo, Target (Fall 2013; similar 1, similar 2)

Fall Capsule #1: Whirlwind Weekend


Holy cats, guys. I needed this weekend, but somehow, I also needed another four days tacked onto it! I had a great time chilling with my family, making eating way too many delicious cookies, online shopping my butt off, and watching my two favorite football teams win (go Colts and go Indiana University…keep that Olde Oaken Bucket)!

I’ve also reached the last month of my capsule challenge! I’m excited to stretch my closet (which shouldn’t be that hard) for another 19 outfits and then move onto the piles of sweaters that have not seen the light of day since this challenge started. I miss you rest of my closet.

I am planning on cleaning out my closet/drawers/shoe racks, because I definitely need to get rid of some stuff. I have missed some pieces and then also realized I don’t miss other pieces. I’m also excited to continue to develop my style, which this blog has definitely helped to do, and see what missing pieces I have to compile my 2015 Wishlist (since I feel my 2014 Wishlist has been successful). I’m still not sure if I’m planning on doing a winter capsule, but if I do, it won’t be until 2015.

How about you? Are you doing a winter capsule? How was your Thanksgiving!?


Outfit 56

  • On Target item: Merona Taupe Wool Coat (I love it and got several compliments on it this weekend!)
  • Sweater: Mossimo, Target (exact – so many colors and SUPER soft!)
  • Scarf: H&M (exact)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (exact – buy it! My favorite bag of all time!)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (exact)

Fall Capsule #1: November Outfits


I started my first Fall Capsule Challenge about 2.5 months ago. I wanted an easy way to reflect on what outfits I had worn and what pieces I had utilized, so I thought a recap post might be a good way to do that (here are September’s recap post and October’s recap post). This way I can see what’s working and what’s not, and you can have a concise post of the outfits (in case you didn’t want to read my everyday ramblings and just wanted the looks)!

Here. We. Go…


  1. Out of the Woods
  2. Red Collar Leather
  3. Red Dress: Kate Spade Inspired
  4. Red Dress: Madewell Inspired
  5. Last Leaves of Fall
  6. Black and White and Vest All Over
  7. Stripe Dress: Quirky
  8. Stripe Dress: Urban
  9. Black on Black on Black on Black
  10. Caught Red Walled
  11. Brr, Chicago, Brr
  12. Professional Plaid
  13. Neutrals Without Being Neutral 
  14. Gingham and Lace
  15. 90s Vibe
  16. What to Wear On Thanksgiving
  17. So Much Plaid
  18. Horsing Around (Again)
  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. The No-Shopping Ban Breaks Again
  • Most Worn Item (besides jeans): cognac ankle boots, black ankle boots, stripe tee,  black jeans
  • Least Worn Item: I still haven’t worn one dress. Getting on it this month!
  • Favorite Outfit: #3
  • Honorable Mentions: #1, #6, #11, and #18
  • Least Favorite Outfit: #19 (too grunge meets prim going on)

I’m excited to see what the rest of my capsule holds for me (only 19 looks to go)! What was your favorite and/or least favorite outfit from above (I’m actually really curious!)?

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