Favorite Favorites, April 2016

Hello, my favorite blog readers! It is your favorite day of the month…Favorite Favorites time! This time around, we’re rounding up my April favorites. Let’s get to it!

cold brew coffee + almond milk

Favorite Drink: Chameleon cold brew coffee (different/stronger than iced coffee) + almond milk. Such a treat on all the wonderfully warm days we had in April! I prefer a two to one ratio of milk to coffee (which makes a bottle of cold brew go further too)!

ps. My nail polish is still Scarlet Starlet (here), which, yes, I’m still obsessed with! 

Favorite Clothing Item: Skirts. Skirts. And MORE skirts! It was obviously clear that skirts made up the bulk of my monthly budget in April (see it here) and there are still SO many more out there to be purchased! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below in case you need a few for the spring or summer!

Favorite Candle: For our second anniversary, The Husband got me a candle. But not just any candle (even though I seriously think candles are GREAT gifts)! It was clean, cotton smelling one (specifically this one from Yankee Candle), because the second year anniversary gift is traditionally cotton. How cute it that? It’s also worth noting that we both are huge dorks and wrote almost identical cards to each other. #truelove

Maybelline Brow Drama pencil review

Favorite Beauty Product: So a few months back, I thought I had discovered my favorite eyebrow product (here), but then the same brand came out with a new brow pencil that I had to try! Insert the Maybelline Brow Drama pencil (here)! For someone who does not invest a lot of time in makeup, this is a game changer. Just a few light strokes to fill in your brows, and you’re done! It makes a huge impact for only taking 30 seconds out of your morning!

Favorite ShowUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back with a new season on Netflix, and it is literally ALL I’ve been watching! We still have a bunch of episodes to work through (I apparently only binge watch football games…not TV shows), but my favorite quote so far? “My jams are grape, jock and space.” So good and lighthearted!

Favorite Victory: I finished my first Whole30 in April! It was a big achievement and really helped open my eyes to some things that I’ve never really thought about before in terms of food and general health. I had a ton of energy and non-scale victories (though I did have some weight loss too!), learned some new recipes that I really enjoyed, and definitely had my fair share of chocolate chip scone cravings! ;) I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested. You can read up more about it here!

Target bicycle doormat

Favorite Doormat: I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t bought this doormat (here) yet! A cute little red bike with blue accents and a baguette in a basket!? Where’s my wallet? Target, take my money!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): Obviously this classic shot of when Prince George met President Obama…in his pajamas. ADORABLE! Royals, they’re just like us! ;)

soludos fruit embroidered espadrilles

Favorite Shoes: Soludos espadrilles are my most recent obsession, and the perfect summer shoe! I want a pair of embroidered ones, but I can’t decide whether to get the watermelon ones (here), the lemon ones (here), or the pineapple ones (here). Help a girl out?

Favorite OutfitI’m in love with stripes (shocker), so of course it had to be this work-appropriate double striped look! All the stripes, all the time, please!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

Favorite Favorites, March 2016

Hello, my favorite favorite blog readers (see what I did there?)!

Today, we’re talking about my March favorites. How are we a fourth of the way done with 2016?

Trader Joe's dried baby bananas

Favorite Treat: I started my Whole30 program on Sunday this week (you can read more about the program here), but I had been prepping for it for most of March and stumbled on this new treat from Trader Joe’s. Semi-dried baby bananas that have no added ingredients and are super sweet and delicious on their own! Full disclosure: if you don’t like bananas…you will not like these! But if you do, grab a bag the next time you’re in Trader Joe’s!

*Scarf accent is from the Who What Wear collection from Target (here).

Favorite Nail Polish Color: Scarlet Starlet from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (here). I’m obsessed. I think it looks pink online and pink in the bottle, but on my nails, it’s a great shade of unexpected red orange!

Favorite Clothing Item: I’m head over heels for my new red blazer from The Limited (here). It’s such a great statement piece in a classic shape that it works with dress/skirts for the office and just as well with jeans for the weekend. It also comes in yellow and green if those are more of your colors, and you better believe if they come out with a cobalt blue one, that I’d be all over that! Hint, hint, The Limited! ;)

L'Oreal Boost It Air-Whipped Densifying Foam

Favorite Hair Product: L’Oreal Boost It Air-Whipped Densifying Foam. Ummm, you guys… How have I been doing my hair without this for this long? It has boosted my volume AND calmed 90% of my stray frizzes, which I didn’t even know was possible to do while dealing with Indiana weather! Highly recommend this mousse/foam!

Favorite Shoes: I was scrolling through Nordstrom’s shoe page the other day and found this gorgeous perforated mules, clicked on them, and was SHOCKED when I learned that they were TOMS shoes! They look nothing like the TOMS shoes I know! But totally on trend, and helping others? Yes, please!

Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser

Favorite Beauty Product: I love and am super loyal to the Biore brand, because growing up, my mom and I always did the pore strips (here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)…meaning that I occasionally stole one from her bathroom drawer (thanks Schmom!). So it doesn’t take much for me to pick up one of their products, because I know they work! I have combination skin (I think), and I love this fairly simple, but effective Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser (here). Does the trick!

Favorite New Show: How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix. I’ve been watching it every now and then, when The Husband is busy playing his nerd computer games. I love it so far, but no spoilers, please, as I’m only on Episode 7 of Season 1!

The Husband and I have also been watching Daredevil on Netflix…but the second season is so intense, guys! I’m constantly hiding my head behind The Husband’s back to avoid seeing all the gore! Has anyone else seen either one of these shows?

Spindrift's Pink Grapefruit Seltzer and Raspberry Lime Seltzer

Favorite Drink: Spindrift’s Pink Grapefruit Seltzer and Raspberry Lime Seltzer (which I found at Trader Joe’s, but you can apparently find at Target). I promise this post is not sponsored by or all about Trader Joe’s! I just have been trying a lot of things there. This seltzer water is just carbonated water and fruit juice/pulp. They’re both super refreshing and just a little bit tart! I’m still loving all the LaCroixs (minus the stupid coconut one…blech), but these guys are a nice change up!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): Just when the Internet couldn’t get any cuter…this pit bull pup named Pattycakes (seriously) just adopted these two ducklings. The snuggles at the end, you guys! Insert all the “awwwws” here.

*Though…I’m not sure if any of the foods they eat are good for dogs or ducks….

Favorite OutfitSurprisingly, it was this one (here)where I basically talk about wearing my favorite pieces over and over again. As one of you mentioned, “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!” Sometimes you just got to wear what you like and what works!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

Favorite Favorites, February 2016

Fine day for some February favorites, eh? Let’s get into them!

Favorite Song: Ophelia by the Lumineers. SO. GOOD. And seems to be classic Lumineers (don’t you hate when most bands change their tune/sound after they make it big…I’m looking at you Mumford & Sons). Can’t wait for the new Lumineers CD to come out in April though!

J.Crew spring 2016 catalog

Favorite Past Time: Spring catalogs are out! I honestly received like 5-8 of them at my house in a week’s time, and I love having a stack to pour through and gather inspiration from. My favorites are J.Crew and Talbots, so I’ve rounded up a few spring favorites from these two retailers below!

ps. These sunglasses look just like Ray-Bans…and I scored mine for $12 here!

Favorite Treat: Cinnamon Bun Oreos. Whoever is at Oreo making up these flavors and then NAILING them completely, deserves a tremendous raise, because these are delicious. And then they need to bring the s’mores ones (s’moreos!) back full time!

Favorite Clothing Item: Still obsessed with these striped boatneck tees from Target and they’ve released new colors for spring (here)! I talk about them at least once a week, but if you still haven’t tried them yet, promise me you’ll take one into the dressing room with you next time. Please? The yellow one is calling my name!

winter tea favorite; Honey Lavender Stress Relief and Anthropologie initial mug

Favorite Drink: Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea. For those nights when you just want to relax with a warm beverage…this is my recommendation. I first discovered honey lavender tea when we stopped at lavender field in Hawaii almost two years ago, and I loved it so much that I had to find my fix back in Indiana! This stuff is a nice warm hug on a cold winter day.

And isn’t my Anthropologie cup beautiful? Get your own here!

Favorite Hair Product: Wet Brush Detangling Brush. So, this has actually been my favorite for a few months, but how do you take a good photo of a brush?! I decided to just tell you about it, instead of trying to show you. The Wet Brush is AMAZING! It’s under $10 and perfect for those of who like to brush their hair when it’s still wet. Somehow, it combs gently through the knots, but doesn’t pull or damage your hair.

Favorite Shoes: These striped scallop beauties! My love for them is out of control! Must resist…

drugstore eye makeup finds | Style On Target

Favorite Beauty Product: Focusing (pun intended) on the eye area this month. I’ve recently re-discovered my Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller. The sheer tint helps to camouflage and brighten my chronically dark circles, and I like the effect (or the placebo effect, maybe) of the roller ball application.

I’ve also been raving about this Maybelline Brow Drama brow mascara to anyone who will listen. It’s an easy, but effective way to darken your brows if you’re not good at makeup (me) and have thicker brows (also me). I just brush it on in short strokes after putting on my foundation!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): 19 incredibly cute endangered animals. Insert the cute squeals here. The red panda, you guys! The sloth and the regular panda too! Oh, and every other one too! OMG!

Favorite Outfit: My favorite outfit on Style On Target from February was (drum roll, please), this Uniqlo collaboration plaid office look! I love a good classic-with-a-twist outfit!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

Favorite Favorites, January 2016

Hello, my favorite blog readers! It’s crazy that it is already February….it feels like I just talked about December’s favorites, but today, we’re talking about my beginning of the year/January favorites. It’s a new year and some new favorites!


Favorite Beauty Product: Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. This stuff is AMAZING. It feels like a lightweight, non-sticky gel that cools and absorbs deeply into your skin leaving it feeling hydrated, but definitely not greasy! I bought it because I kept seeing ads for it in magazines (marketing sucker right here…even though that was my college major!), but the 350+ reviews on Target’s website are all amazing. And apparently Olivia Pope (okay, actually Kerry Washington) LOVES this stuff too! So if it is good enough for a mega-movie star, then it is good enough for me! This is my second jar of this gel, and I’m almost out, but I’ll definitely be buying again and again.

ps. My nail polish here is “Rhapsody Red” (here) for those who might be wondering.

Favorite Album: Not necessarily an album, but I have rediscovered Pandora and have been listening to the Vance Joy station on repeat. So much great music, and it’s nice to not have to listen to the same songs over and over again.


Favorite Clothing Item: Stacks and stacks of sweaters. It’s basically all I can manage on these colder, dark mornings. Plus, who can’t use an extra layer of warmth…unless you’re a reader in Hawaii, then please don’t rub it in! ;) Here are some of my current favorite sweaters under $75 (and most of them are on sale thanks to spring collections hitting the shelves)!

Favorite Gadget: The Husband and I made a killer Black Friday purchase of a Nespresso bundle that included the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother (here). This. Thing. Is. Amazing. I’ve been obsessed with coffee the last four years or so and have slowly worked my way from super-sweet coffee drinks to just coffee and a small amount of milk. The Aeroccino warms up your milk (which helps keep your coffee warmer longer) and whips up some air into it to make it frothy! And bonus? It’s super easy to hand clean (since it can’t go in the dishwasher). I left it at my parents’ house for three days, and I fake cried the whole time it was away from me….which probably means this is an addiction, not a favorite! ;) I honestly can’t recommend it enough, so if you have any other questions, just shoot me an email!

Favorite Shoes: I was looking for some new spring/summer shoes to take with me on our Florida trip this upcoming week, and while I didn’t order them (YET…), I love these blue and white stripe Soludos espadrille flats (here).  So easy to slip on and go go go!

london tea and lemon candle

Favorite Candle: London Tea and Lemon. Again and again and again. Luckily Bath & Body Works must have realized its amazingness, because they’ve brought it back again and again. Have you guys checked out all the destination candles (here – scroll to find them)? They’re my favorites for sure, and while Amsterdam is my favorite city, it’s only my second favorite B&BW candle! ;)

ps. Thanks to my friend, C, for buying me my first one and thrusting me into my addiction!

Favorite Book: Well, really not much of a competition, and I haven’t even finished it yet (trying to savor for our vacation!), but so far, I am loving Career of Evil, the third book in the Cormoran Strike series (here) by Robert Galbraith, aka the great J.K. Rowling. She could probably write a description of an empty room, and I’d love it…that’s how great she is.

Speaking of great books…does anyone have any must-read book recommendations for me? I tend to go through a TON on vacation!

anthropologie giraffe wildlife planter with succulent

Favorite Knick-Knack (or gee-gaw as my mom calls them!): For Christmas, my grandparents gave me the above adorable giraffe planter from Anthropologie that I’ve featured on the blog before (find it here if you missed it), and since I have the opposite of a green thumb, I decided to put a little fake succulent plant (that I found on one of the endcaps at Target – you can find some here too) in him! Isn’t he the cutest (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)!

Favorite Accessory: This amazingly gorgeous yellow bag from Boden that I will never buy and will just lust at over the internet. Guh!

Favorite Outfit: My favorite outfit on Style On Target from January actually ended up being a two-way tie between this hat-tastic sweater look (here) and this Pinterest inspiration outfit (here) featuring my new favorite camel coat. 

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

Favorite Favorites, December 2015

I’m bring sexy favorites back, and this time we’re rounding up my end of the year/December favorites. Also, how the heck are we already one week into the new year? Slow down 2016!

"It's a 10" Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, Target

Favorite Hair ProductIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this product yet. My dear friend B introduced me to this product (I told you we do text reviews of products!), and I haven’t let it leave my side yet! I usually wash my hair at night and then spray it in after I comb through my hair. It doesn’t make your hair sticky or stiff or anything (and it smells really good too)! The price is a BIT more than I normally spend on hair products, but it is definitely worth it!

Favorite Nail Polish Color: This combination: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Bare Dare” (exact) + Essie “Hors D’oeuvres” (exact). It’s the perfect sparkle and shine while not being too over the top. Just paint one light layer of “Bare Dare”, let it dry, and then paint the Essie “Hors D’oeuvres” on top of that. Top it all off with your favorite top coat, and you’ve got some subtle sparkle!

j.crew winter favorites

Favorite Clothing Item(s): Anything and everything from J.Crew’s holiday catalog. They took the pictures in Kerry County, Ireland, which if you remember from my Ireland post (here if you missed it) was The Husband and I’s favorite part of Ireland! I love how all the red and blue looks on the lush Ireland countryside, and how vividly I remember those views (and winding roads)! I’ve rounded up my favorite items below (including that fantastic plaid coat)!

Favorite Treat: My mom’s Christmas cookies. Specifically these peanut butter blossoms (see them here on Instagram) and the best sugar cookies ever (we made some that look like foxes!)! It’s truly a blessing and a curse to have a mom who is sooooooooo good at making cookies! We’ll see if all this sucking up on the blog can get The Husband and I a cookie care package down the line. ;)

Favorite Book:  In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Well, it’s more like the only one that I read in all of December, but don’t worry, it was SUPER good. I read about 30% of it one night, then got busy with Christmas and other stuff and only read 20% of it sporadically, and then read the other 50% in one sitting! Super riveting, and I think if you like Gone Girl or The Girl On A Train (both great too!), that you would enjoy this one!

Pixi Glow Tonic toner; Target

Favorite Beauty Product: Pixi Glow Tonic. This is actually my second bottle of this stuff, because I’ve really enjoyed how it works with my skin! I use it every night after washing my face, and it really does seem to make your skin glow! I’m clearly not a beauty blogger, but all the reviews online are glowing as well (pun intended)!

Favorite Shoes: Oh shocker…it’s another pair of Sole Society shoes! This time around, it is a beautiful pair of leopard print wedges. Great now with tights and later with bare legs!

Starbucks red holiday cup; red nails; Holiday Spice latte

Favorite Drink: The Holiday Spice Flat White from Starbucks! I hope it isn’t too late for you all to try one, and I hope they continue it forever! My bestie, B, encouraged me to try it, and I described it to her as a warm, cinnamon hug…you know, if that makes sense at all! It’s perfect for those of you like me that don’t want the syrup-y sweet drinks, but something other than just coffee all the time! If it is gone for good, I’ll be counting down the days until it is back!

Favorite Accessory: These fair isle fleece lined socks. They are the softest things ever…and so warm and cozy! I also got these fox socks that aren’t quite as thick, but are still super soft and cute! Let’s just say my slippers are getting a bit jealous! ;)

Cooper dog

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): Ummmm this little Cooper puppy (who is not little and not a puppy). Not that I am a biased dog mom or anything, but seriously. He’s the cutest and hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in quite some time, so enjoy his precious little mug!

Favorite Outfit: My favorite outfit of mine from December was my print mixing look from the “Buffalo Plaid and Stripes” post. Though I also loved the opportunity to style posts for the NFL (here) and Express (here)!

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!