Five for Friday, Vol. 192 – Instant Outfit

Five for Friday, Vol. 192 - Instant Outfit | Style On Target blog
Oh man, I love when these Five for Friday posts turn into instant and fresh new outfits…like today’s burgundy/black combo.

Maybe not the first color combo you think of when you think of summer styling (sorry neons), but I’m a jewel-tone and neutral lover for life…so here we are!

And speaking of jewel tones…someone get me this J.Crew purse stat! It’s my favorite Signet bag….but with a flap!!! It’s part of their upcoming fall collection, and it also comes in cobalt blue (here). HOW WILL I CHOOSE?!


Weekend sales:

Five for Friday, Vol. 191 – Fast Fix Friday

Five for Friday, Vol. 191 - Fast Fix Friday | Style On Target blog
Another speed round of Five for Friday.

Mainly because I’ve been too busy enjoying summer in the Midwest (all the farmers’ markets and all the hand-scooped ice cream, please), but also because the last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home from working on the computer all day…is to sit down and work on the computer some more! Anyone else feel me?

So let’s make this post super quick with some recent favorites and then hit the ice cream stand, deal?! DEAL!

Five For Friday, Vol. 190 – Stars, Stripes, and Sandals

five for friday stars stripes and sandals | Style On Target

Prepping for your Fourth of July festivities this weekend and early next week? Well make sure you grab the pasta salad, the sparklers, the s’mores supplies, and plenty of red, white, and blue.

Because you can never really have enough red, white, and blue pieces…or s’mores for that matter! ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 189 – Fun Fun Fun

five for friday fun in the sun | Style On Target blog

And she’ll have fun fun fun / ‘Til her daddy takes the T-bird away

And don’t worry, even if your daddy takes the T-bird away (or you know, doesn’t have one…), you can still have fun in the summer. I promise! ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 188 – Hello Yellow

Five for Friday, Vol. 188 - Hello Yellow | Style On Target blog

Because nothing can make a day much better than the news that it is FRIDAY (yesssss) and the fact that I am throwing a ton of sunshine-y yellow at you.

So grab your sunglasses…because it’s looking bright here on Style On Target…and the weekend is coming!

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