Five for Friday, Vol. 171 – 5 Pairs of Target Shoes You Need

five for friday | 5 pairs of shoes you need from target this spring | Style On Target blog

I was in Target the other day (okay, fine…like every day), and I was in awe of all the new spring shoes. The more they put out onto the shelves, the more I fell in love with…well, all of them!

These five are my current favorites (and get them 15% off this weekend with code STYLE), but again, I reserve the right to change that the next time I walk into Target.

So, yes, tomorrow. You’d be correct.

ps. Just don’t buy all the 9.5s until I get a chance to place my order! ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 170 – Calling All Classics

five for friday calling all classics | Style On Target blog

Calling all classic lovers!

Grab your Audrey Hepburn DVDs, your collection of stripes, your endless pairs of walkable flats, and your vast assortment of Mozart CDs (just kidding on that last one), and sit yourself down, because today’s Five for Friday is right up your alley!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: basics don’t have to be boring. I know….it’s shocking, but trust me. Take all these items for example. Yes, at first glance they might seem like the same old, same old, classic pieces that every blogger ever tells you to own (ugh, we’re the WORST ;)), but they’re not!

Each one has a quirky little twist that elevates them to my favorite category “basics that aren’t basic.” Like the red ballet flats (with a tiny scallop detail) or the navy schoolboy blazer (with a white trim)! So give your basics a shakeup with some of these finds and keep the outfit combos coming!

Five for Friday, Vol. 169 – Beach Getaway

five for friday beach getaway | Style On Target blog

Or more accurately…imaginary beach getaway. Because I’m not going on one and currently have no plans to go on one.

But if I did have one planned…this is what I would be packing. Perfect pieces to take in the sea, sand, and sun!

ps. Try and tell me that the Loft model doesn’t look like Kendall Jenner with lighter hair. I mean, c’mon!

Five for Friday, Vol. 168 – Current Finds

five for friday current finds spring 2017 | Style On Target blog

Are you sick of red, blue, and neutrals, after this week?

Okay good. Me neither.

Because when your favorite colors (and your main closet colors) are big spring trends…well, you want everything and you want to share everything.

And it clearly shows. ;) #sorrynotsorry

ps. But seriously, Target. Those Gucci-inspired loafers (see the inspiration here) are on point.

Five for Friday, Vol. 167 – Winter Blues

five for friday winter blues | Style On Target blog

I’ll be the first to admit (and I’ve probably been admitting this since December), but I can’t stand winter…which doesn’t make sense, as I have chosen to live in the Midwest….where winter, in fact, does exist.

So while I could make this whole post about the blues of winter (especially this winter!), let’s instead flip it around, make it a positive, and talk about the winter blues! As in color…as in my FAVORITE color.

I’ve rounded up five items that will make the rest of your winter blue…in the BEST way possible!