Five for Friday, Vol. 160 – Star Light, Star Bright

five for friday star light star bright

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I believe it may, I believe it might
Have been on J.Crew’s website. (this sweater here)
Star light, star bright,
More stars I see tonight,
On the left, on the right,
Even on Target’s website!
Star light, star bright,
Gather them together, I might
In a post, on my site
Would that be alright?!
That might be the best poem I’ve written since third grade when I took home the library’s poetry award. We’ll see if my mom frames this one! ;)
And even if she doesn’t, star prints are having a moment, so if you’re into them…you’ll want to snatch them up before they’re gone. Every good astronomer (and poet) would tell you that!

Five for Friday, Vol. 159 – Cornucopia

five for friday Cornucopia | Style On Target blog

Just a quick jumble of things for you on this post-Thanksgiving Friday…or a cornucopia of great finds, if you’re still in the holiday mood! ;)

They’re probably all on sale too (see below), so ready, set, get shopping!

Some notable sales:

And enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast…it’s practically fruit!

Five for Friday, Vol. 158 – Cooler Than Cool

five for friday cooler than cool | Style On Target blog

I’m not sure how long I’m going to obsessed with European street style, but my love affair with it is still going strong.

My love affair with cool European street style is basically the Energizer Bunny…it keeps going and going and going.

And you can’t beat functional pieces like the fab five below for cooler than cool style! And the best part? They’re all ridiculously versatile…unlike the pink fur suit of an Energizer Bunny! ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 157 – Basics With a Twist

five for friday basics with a twist | Style On Target blog

Ahhhh basics with a twist, aka some of my favorite pieces ever.

Because a plain black vest may be practical (it is!), but a black fleece fur vest serves the same purpose AND gives you some textural interest. Because that’s what basics with a twist do! They keep your closet working, but at the same keep you from getting too bored!

Some examples of my favorite ways to do basics with a twist: anything striped, quilted riding boots, and bold pops of color on classic pieces.

Just add some jeans to these five pieces, and you instantly have an outfit. Or wear them with other pieces from your closet to create a new look. Whatever you do, just don’t wear this look without the jeans. Unless, maybe if you’re Lady Gaga (and I’m suuurrrrrrre she reads this blog). ;)

Five for Friday, Vol. 156 – Fall Red-dy

five for friday ready for fall | Style On Target blog

Red-dy or not, fall is here, and so is one of my favorite colors!

Pumpkin orange isn’t the only color that gets love come fall time. Red is everywhere too! Red apples in the orchards, red ruby slippers on my feet for my Halloween costume (anyone else go as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz), and  red plaids in my closet!

So get fall red-dy with some of my current favs!