On Trend: It’s Geometric!

The title of this post is everything. Please read it to yourself in the tune of the Electric Slide if you didn’t get it on the first try. (Please don’t judge me for my awesome puns on this blog.)

Geometry was never an awesome subject for me in school, but I can rock a geometric pattern like nobody’s business. I would actually rock all of these pieces, so feel free to send them my way, Target! I read on Style.com that spring 2014 would be full of geometric tribal prints, and these pieces are spot on in that regard.

You can’t resist it, it’s geometric! Check out the pieces here…

  1. Merona Geometric Scarf
  2. Merona Short-sleeve White Sand Top
  3. Merona Hinge Triangle Print Wallet
  4. Merona Triangle Print Scarf
  5. Merona Print Black/Yellow Hinge Wallet
  6. Merona Black/White Print Hinge Wallet
  7. Merona Circle 3/4 Sleeve Top

On Trend: Nautical

Under the sea. Darling its better, down where its wetter, take it from me!

Nothing like a little bit of The Little Mermaid to get you going on a weekend! Today’s On Trend features nautical-inspired items from Target’s spring line. Anchors, sailboats, linen, stripes, and navy (lots and lots of it) are going to be big this spring/summer, and they are already out to brighten up your winter!

So grab your snorkel and just keep swimming to this season’s nautical links below.

  1. Merona Striped Shift Dress
  2. Merona Sleeveless Sailboat Top
  3. Merona Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top
  4. Merona Striped Pencil Skirt
  5. Merona Lari Boat Shoes
  6. Merona Evaline Wedge Heels
  7. Merona Navy Striped Scarf
  8. Merona Anchor Bikini

On Trend: Color Blocked

Color blocking is probably one of my favorite trends in the last three years. It is a seamless and easy way to bring color and interest to your outfit without deciding what crazy patterns to pair together. It literally does all the work for you in one piece. So easy.

Which color combination is your favorite in colorblocking? Let me know in the comments! I’m partial to camel/black, royal blue/navy, and of course, red/blue.

Check out the links below and get some color blocking going in your wardrobe. I think I am going to nab that camel/black skirt (super cute) soon, and some day that orange combo cardigan will be mine!

  1. Merona Sweater (on sale now)
  2. Merona Madeline Ballet Flats (need in my life)
  3. Xhilaration Cozy Socks
  4. Junior’s 1-Piece Swimsuit
  5. Mossimo Ultrasoft Sweater Dress (on sale)
  6. Merona Long Cardigan
  7. Merona Long Sleeve Tee
  8. Women’s Gold Bangle Watch
  9. Mossimo Ponte Pencil Skirt (on sale)

On Trend: Plaid-tastic

Plaid is such a great trend for the fall/winter, and since winter is still going strong, I figured I would feature the classic winter pattern on another installment of On Trend. One of my besties, B, is obsessed with plaid – so much so that she was a lumberjack for Halloween one year – and this particular post is for her, since she is a huge supporter of this blog.

I’m partial to the classic black, white, navy, and red plaids, but I can also get behind some crazy color combinations. Which plaid is your favorite?

Check out the links below and become plaid-tastic!

  1. Merona Favorite Shirt (everyone has this!)
  2. Merona Topper Coat (on sale)
  3. Merona Pencil Skirt (also on sale)
  4. Merona Oxford Blazer
  5. Merona Leather Gloves
  6. Hailey Jeans Lined Rainboots
  7. Mossimo Supply Co. Bomber Jacket (sale sale sale)

On Trend: Spotted

Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots. How I adore you. A cutesy, but oh so classic combination that was big in fashion this fall/winter. Black and white was another huge trend this season, and the black and white polka dot combo is such a perfect mixture. I love them all, especially the ones above from Target’s Merona brand.

Check out the above options, click the links below, and see how you too can get spotted.

  1. Merona Sweater
  2. Merona Leather Gloves
  3. Merona Luxe Coat
  4. Merona Oxford Blazer
  5. Merona Refined Scoop Tee
  6. Merona Hinged Wallet