Comfy Stripes




Growing out bangs is real hard. Like, so hard. Any tips?

Going back to work today was nice because we had a jeans day (which are somewhat random in our office, like on a Wednesday, but not this Friday?). So even though I was coming off a day off, I still had a pep in my step, since I got to wear my awesome Target jeans…again.

This blazer is recent from Gap, and it is honestly one of my greatest finds there. It is ponte material, but lined inside and really heavy/sturdy. The sleeves are long enough for my 5’9″ eagle arm length, because I bought it in a tall size 6, which someone had returned from online, because they never have talls in stores (huge thank you to that person)!

I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple with some Target basics, since this blazer is kind of loud, and I really liked the look.


  • On Target item: Mossimo Tee, (mine is grey without a pocket)
  • Blazer: Gap (recent in stores)
  • Denizen Jeans, (got mine in August, in stores)
  • Shoes: Mossimo, Target (old)

Target Haul, Vol. 1


So another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

Today’s haul came as a result of a random Tuesday off work. I am fortunate to have a ton of vacation days at my job, so I never seem to use them all, so normally in November/December I tend to have a few days to use. I thought today would be a good day to take off, so I did! I did a little wedding detail stuff in the morning (we finally found an officiant, yay!) and worked on a secret Christmas present for the Fiance. I found myself with a little free time, so of course a trip to Target was needed, and I purchase the above items for a total of $50! Score! This was a result of the clearance rack, the Cartwheel app (you need this, trust me), a mobile coupon, and a Target Red Card.

  1. I got a leopard cardigan from the girl’s department (biggest size possible?!), which I had seen all up and down Instagram. It is super warm and soft, and I love it.
  2. I saw this key graphic black/gray sweater on the New Arrivals on Target’s website (here!) and had to have it. Super classic and super comfy and cute. They have a ton of cute black/white sweaters right now, which are super on trend.
  3. The gray sweatshirt skirt was from the girl’s department as well, but it was $3.25 after all my deals, and who can pass that up. Plus, I made sure it was long enough. So there.
  4. This Peter Pan collar navy dress is gorgeous and so simple to wear. It is made out of like a ponte material, so it is super wearable and will be great to wear with tons of accessories (since it is so simple).

What have you gotten recently from Target? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Striped Giraffe




I’m back to blogging and hopefully will be back for a long time!

This outfit is quintessential Katie – stripes, cutesy animal graphics (specifically giraffes, which are my favorite animal), jeans, and ankle boots. My best friend, B, told me to make sure that I put this outfit on the blog (as I wore it on a trip to Louisville this past weekend)…so here it is!

These Target Denizen jeans are still going strong as a serious staple in my closet, and they never seem to fade (knock on wood). I am excited to wear them tomorrow to work, as we are being rewarded with a random Hump Day Jeans Day. No complaining here though!


  • On Target item: Denizen Jeans, (got mine in August, in stores)
  • Shirt: Merona, Target (exact)
  • Scarf: from London street market
  • Shoes: Mossimo, Target (old)

Long Weekend




I love having a few extra days of time off to use at work before the year is up. It means I get to have more free time to do productive things (like catch up on my favorite TV shows on Hulu or spend all my money at the eye doctor…and Target).

I’m loving this print mixing that I have going on in this outfit. I’m a sucker for stripes, and they pair so easily with florals. Sweet and timeless. The jean jacket adds a classic touch and some warmth, because let’s face it…the days are getting shorter and colder. Guess I’ll be getting some good use out of my blazers soon.

What do you do on days off from work?


  • On Target item: Merona tank (old)
  • Skirt: Xhilaration, old
  • Jean jacket: Eddie Bauer (old)
  • Shoes: thrifted

Week of Denim




At work this week (and next week), we get to wear jeans to work (minus Tuesday, where we have to be in business casual) because we met our office goals in September. It is such a nice treat to be able to roll out of bed and jump into some jeans instead of worrying about what pair of dress pants to wear.

Since it is Monday, I thought I would take my black Denizen jeans out for a work test drive. These jeans are super soft and almost jegging-like. I love the pairing with the “fancy” (leopard shoes and pearls) with the casual (the denim/chambray shirt) to complete a pulled together, but still casual work look. I’m excited to be sharing more casual looks on the blog today, so get ready for some more denim looks after Tuesday this week!

What is your work dress code like? Let me know if the comments!


  • On Target item: Denizen Jeans
  • Shirt: Cherokee buttondown (from the boys department, similar)
  • Necklace: Forever21 (old)
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (old, similar at Target now)