Nothing to See Here (Literally)

navy and white stripe skirt + navy tee + jean jacket; casual summer outfit | Style On Target

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Oh man you guys, has it been a week or is it just me…coming down from a vacation high?
  • I promise to be back up to regular blog posts next week (if the weather cooperates this weekend). It just seems like everytime I try to go take photos, something ends up happening (weather, equipment, vacation, etc.)
  • So instead feast your eyes on one of my favorite looks from last year around this time! Stripes are always a good idea!
  • And to end on the most random note ever, I did a foot peel soak last night (this one actually). Has anyone else done one of these? I won’t be sharing any photos of the process, but I will definitely share the results if it works in the next Favorite Favorites!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


10 Things Tuesday (5.16.17)

utility jacket + loft jeans + J.Crew gray crossbody purse; sheep in Ireland travel blog

Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. The most perfect gingham top for spring and summer!
  2. Blogger love of the week: How amazing does Nicole look in this blue/yellow combo? (The answer is SO amazing!) This might be my favorite look from her ever, and that color combination is one of my new favs!
  3. This navy tennis racquet eyelet dress might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. What a clever idea! Quick, somebody make all the cute things into their own eyelet prints!
  4. This purse is an affordable, vintage-inspired look and comes in two great neutral colors!
  5. 3 quick DIY projects for shoe makeovers. Seriously, how cute are these?
  6. Wore these sneakers (in navy) alllll through my trip to Ireland, and they are officially the best sneaker ever (so lightweight and comfortable)!
  7. The 24 best books to plan to read this summer!
  8. You know what would put a smile on my face during a rainstorm? Three words: gingham print umbrella. 
  9. Celebrities….freaking out about celebrities. So cute and funny.
  10. Loving this paisley print and pom-pom combo!


10 Things Tuesday (5.09.17)

red floral skirt + white tee + cream blazer + wicker clutch | Style On Target

Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet (and a random clutch photo, because #endlessrain):

  1. Print mixing? Easy spring layering? Comfort? What more could you want from a spring look?
  2. Blogger love of the week: Is Kelly not the cutest, preppiest rain go-er ever? I know she totally feels me on the rain, but at least she’s making the most of it with this look (and all the heart emoji eyes for her rain jacket)!
  3. Spoiler alert, you should buy this white/cream denim jacket before it sells out. I plan on wearing it all spring and summer long. It took me forever to find one that was 100% cotton (no stretch at all…which is what I wanted), but of course, I should have just waited for the Crew!
  4. The cutest little set of matchbooks ever…and the fact that they are book themed makes this pun lover very happy!
  5. Can someone please come make this banana peanut butter cheesecake for me? Sounds sooooo yum!
  6. I’m going to need this wrap dress in my life…now choosing between the adorable sunglasses print or the more classic red floral print…that’s the real question!
  7. Get ready to cry your little eyes out at this emotional and touching essay about what dogs teach us in our 20s. I’m not crying, you’re crying!
  8. Do we think these white jeans will live up to their name (“stay-white” aka stain resistant), if they meet their mortal enemy….me?! ;)
  9. 10 drugstore items to pick up on your next trip and try out!
  10. This lace dress is GORGEOUS, and even if I saw it in person at Target, I wouldn’t believe my own eyes.


  • On Target item: Target Sunglasses (exact)
  • Nail Polish: “Rock the Runway” (exact)
  • Clutch: J.Crew Factory (exact; similar options below)

3 Ways to Wear: The Navy Striped Skirt

3 ways to wear navy striped skirt | Style On Target

This month in “Can Katie Style It?” – aka the 3 Ways to Wear series – we’re taking on the world’s easiest, but most versatile piece….the navy striped skirt. Specifically, this affordable option from J.Crew Factory (yes, it has pockets)!

Truth be told, I could have made you 30 outfits with this piece, but I kept it to just three, because it does take some time to pull these posts together and contrary to popular belief….I do have a life!

A life that involves wearing this navy striped skirt non-stop! ;)

Ready, set, remix!

ps. Guess who must have been thirsty when making this post? Drinks for everyone! ;)

3 ways navy striped skirt for work | Style On Target

3 ways navy striped skirt for weekend | Style On Target

3 ways navy striped skirt for night | Style On Target

Irish It Would Stop Raining

ireland travel outfit

Today’s fun highlights:

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?