3 Ways to Wear: The Bell Sleeve Blouse

3 ways to wear bell sleeve blouse | Style On TargetThis month in “Can Katie Style It?” – aka the 3 Ways to Wear series – we’re tackling the bell/flare sleeve blouse. Particularly, this pretty navy number from Uniqlo (also comes in 3 other colors).

Yes, yes I can style…but I can also manage to order this blouse from Uniqlo and NOT realize that it has flare sleeves (not that the title of the product refers to that…). Win some, you lose some!

And sometimes you just style up a trend that you might not personally rock.

Aka…this post! ;)

Ready, set, remix!

3 ways bell sleeve blouse for work | Style On TargetOutfit 1:

3 ways bell sleeve blouse for weekend | Style On Target

3 ways bell sleeve blouse for night | Style On Target

Spring 2017 Wishlist

Spring has sprung!

Today is the first official day of spring, and while the weather might not agree…this blog writer does and is ready for all things spring. Longer days, warmer temperatures, fresh flowers (aka tulips and peonies), bare legs, and all of these spring items below.

But specifically that striped trench…hurry up and get to my house will you?! ;)

spring 2017 wishlist | Style On Target blog

Top Eleven-ish Things On My Spring Wishlist for 2017:

  1. Striped Trench – This trench is the epitome of what I want my style to be…classic with a twist, and also happens to be the number one item I want for spring. This will be a piece to wear for years to come (aka expect to see it here a lot if it fits)!
  2. Neck Scarf – Like stripes, you can never have enough neck scarves, and it truly is one of the most affordable spring trends to try out! Use them to jazz up sweaters you’ve worn for months or add one to a purse for some extra flair! This one gets extra bonus points for being red and blue, but also comes in another colored pattern!
  3. Black Lace-up Sandals – These are so pretty and will work for every possible event you may have this spring (work, weddings, weird first dates). They have great reviews online about how comfortable they are, and I am thisclose to ordering them!
  4. Blue Sunglasses –  I love what a unique color these are, while still maintaining a very classic style/shape. Gimme.
  5. Windowpane Print Dress – One day, this dress will go on sale for under $50 and that will be the day I purchase it. Love the fit and flare silhouette, and I’ll never hate on a windowpane print (especially in navy)!
  6. Statement Earrings – Move over, statement necklaces. Statement earrings are making their move for top jewelry trend this season. There are so many good ones out there right now, but these are my two favs. The black ones (here) have been seen all over blogs, but I’m also loving the Sugarfix gold ones from Target (here – so affordable)!
  7. Navy Blouse – I’ve been wanting a plain navy blouse that is kind of flowy for months, and I think I have finally found it. It comes in a few other colors and will perfect for mixing and matching (plus it would look great with the skirt that is also in the wishlist)!
  8. Patterned Sleeveless Blouse – Lately I’ve been on a huge sleeveless blouse kick, because they’re the ideal piece to layer under blazers, cardigans, or the J.Crew sweater blazer hybrids that I just can’t stop wearing. Loft and J.Crew seems to have the prettiest patterns recently (example: this blue/green plaid or this pretty floral blouse you’ll see in tomorrow’s post), so don’t mind me while I’m scooping them all up.
  9. Yellow Crossbody Purse – So yes, I already own this bag and bought it in a season that is not spring, but I still wanted to include it here. The pretty punch of yellow is sure to brighten any spring day (whether it is April showering or May flowering)!
  10. A-Line Patterned Skirt – You all see that super fun pattern on that skirt above? They’re BERRIES! Yes, adorable quirky berries in my favorite color scheme. J.Crew…what are you trying to do to my bank account!?
  11. Blue Suede Sandals – Okay, this was another wishlist item that has actually been fulfilled, but this was an item on my list for allllll of last year, so I feel compelled to share. Similar sandals were EVERYWHERE last year during spring and summer, but I could never find a low heel that was actually walkable. Well, leave it to Target to save the day…per usual…and come out with these blue beauties! They also come in four other colors, so you can wear a new color to work every day. ;)

Doesn’t everything look so pretty? And not a pair of mittens or snow boots in sight. Spring, it’s a beautiful thing!

What are you putting on your spring wishlist? Did I miss anything on mine that you have on yours?

Old Navy Spring Cyber Sale!

old navy spring cyber sale | Style On Target

I had a different post set to go up today, but then I was browsing the Daylights Savings Time sales (soooo many good ones) and discovered that Old Navy was having a spring cyber sale where everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is an extra 40% off through today!

It’s too good to miss (I ordered this pair of Pixie pants in red for only $17), so I threw together this post with some of my favorite-can’t-miss-out-on pieces for spring. Lot of great classic pieces to take us into spring (now only if the weather would cooperate)! And tons and tons of stripes, so you know this girl isn’t complaining.

And if anyone wants to send me the whole dress/sweater outfit (above on the left), I won’t object. At all. That side lace-up sweater (here) is tooooo good!

So make up for the lost hour of sleep and spring into spring sales with the 24 pieces below!

What to Pack: Texas in the Winter

Another trip, another packing guide for you guys! This time…what to pack for the great state of Texas…in the winter time (though to be honest, we had weather mostly in the 70-80 degrees).

In case you’ve missed prior ones, feel free to click through the archives below to find some packing ideas/inspiration!

What To Pack: Hawaii Edition – What to Pack: Cruise Edition – What to Pack: Europe Edition (2015) 
What to Pack: Florida – What to Pack: Europe Edition (2016)

what to pack for texas, winter edition | Style On Target blog

Full disclosure: there are of a lot of other style bloggers who do “What to Pack” guides. Only they’re normally they’re checking a bag…and I don’t/didn’t.

This might have been the most simple of all my packing guides, but it was also one of the easiest to utilize. I knew what I wanted to wear every day and had a ton basics to utilize. I sometimes wish I was one of those bloggers who thinks of travel “theme” outfits, but I’m definitely not. I like to explore and squeeze in as much adventure as I can while traveling, so my favorite pieces and versatile basics are always what I build my suitcase around.

Plus, I’m notorious for forgetting to take outfit photos while on vacation (guilty AGAIN), so why waste that valuable carry-on space for something you won’t wear again? I guarantee that all these items can fit into a regulation sized carry-on suitcase, your personal item (use a backpack/tote and put your purse inside it along with your in-flight entertainment items), and what you end up wearing on the plane.

Super great right? Feel free to send me the $20-50 you save on checked bag fees. ;)

  • Black Tee: Casual and cool and works with everything (jeans, patterned shorts/skirts, etc.). Enough said! 
  • Gray Tee: Equally casual and cool.
  • Stripe Tee: You know I love me some stripes and definitely can’t last six days without them. Wear it with….everything.
  • Patterned Tee: Perfect for days when you don’t want to wear solid colors.
  • Jeans: I would wear these onto the plane (takes up less room that way!). You choose the rinse and wear them with everything, duh! ;)
  • Black Dress: I almost embarrassed to admit how much I wore this on this trip. We were only there for 6 full days, so I’ll let you wager your own guesses as to how much I wore this bad boy.
  • Print Shorts: Because you got to have a little print in your life to keep it interesting!
  • Denim Skirt: When you can go bare legged in February, you do.
  • Stripe Dress: Because more stripes is never an issue.
  • Cardigan/Blazer: I wore my new favorite cardigan-blazer on the plane and after the sun went down, and it was so cozy and comfy. Plus, I got a billion compliments. #win
  • Jean Jacket: A great light layer piece…ideal when the temperatures drop at night or the air-conditioning is blasting. 
  • Flat Sandals: When it’s practically summer weather, you wear sandals. And you wear flat ones, because you’re walking around all-day and don’t have a personal driver, because you’re not a Kardashian. ;)
  • Crossbody Purse: Hands-free traveling is the best kind. This purse looks super roomy and is affordable! It easily holds a wallet, tickets, sunglasses, camera, and a small bottle of water, which is exactly what I need it to hold and no more!
  • Ballet Flats: Bring your most comfy flats, because if you’re sightseeing, you’re going to be on your feet.

So that’s it for my “winter” in Texas packing guide. Obviously, you’ll need accessories, undergarments, toiletries, books/magazines/Kindles/iPads, etc., but that’s more specific to each person!

Is there anything you would add or subtract from my list?

3 Ways to Wear: The Polka Dot Blouse

3 ways polka dot blouse | Style On Target

This time around in this 3 Ways to Wear series, I’m trying to see if I can justify purchasing this awesome black and white polka dot blouse from Uniqlo.

And the answer is…yes, yes I can.

1.) Because I can nearly ALWAYS justify a new clothing purchase (it’s one of my many, many talents).

2.) But especially one that is neutral and can easily make the jump from work to weekend to weekend nights!

I honestly had another 3 ideas on how to wear this shirt, but I limited it to these three. So you better believe I hit the checkout button this shirt, and we’ll see how it fits when it arrives!

Ready, set, remix!

3 ways polka dot blouse work | Style On TargetOutfit 1:

3 ways weekend polka dot blouse | Style On TargetOutfit 2:

3 ways night polka dot blouse | Style On TargetOutfit 3: