Target That Look: Taylor Swift Casual

In the Target That Look feature, I will try to pick a celebrity look that I like and show you how you can get all the necessary pieces from your local Target for much, much less.

Cool feature right? I just thought about doing them, and I think I will start doing them every Monday as a nice way to start the week. I couldn’t wait until Monday to start (two whole days, I’m super impatient…), so you get a bonus one today.

The first celebrity that I am showcasing is Taylor Swift (insert 13-year-old fan girl scream right now)! I would never lie to you, dear reader, but here is the 100% truth: I. Love. Taylor. Swift. I’ve seen her in concert with my two besties. I listen to her on repeat in my car, on my computer, on my iPod, etc. (so much so that The Fiance knows all the lyrics to her songs…as he should). I just think she gets it (life and how to be a role model, etc.), which is so refreshing.

I recently saw this look on and loved it. So basic, but fun with the mixing of brown and blacks and the pop of yellow. I pulled together the outfit using pieces from, and I like it so much that I might have to order all of them to put together the outfit myself!

Target That Look:

  1. Merona Zip Closure Satchel
  2. Merona 3/4 Sleeve Boat Neck Tee
  3. Merona Emma Genuine Leather Flat
  4. Xhilaration Plaid A-Line Skirt
  5. Assets by Sara Blakely Tights

What do you think of this outfit? Like it or no?

Save or Splurge?, Vol. 2: Sequin Skirt

Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end version that probably inspired it.

Our first Save or Splurge was the pave bracelet (here), so obviously more sparkles are needed in the second installment. On the right is the Target version (retails for $30) and on the left is a piece from Neiman Marcus’s website from a brand, Lafayette 1480 New York (normally $395, but on sale for $237 currently).

I first saw the Target skirt in stores on New Years Eve, and if I hadn’t already planned out my outfit for the night, I might have snatched it up. Timing, guys, all about the timing. I think that they are both beautiful pieces, but most of us (me included) can probably justify a $30 skirt and wear it a few times than one that is 12.5 times that price.

Has anyone purchased this Target sequined beauty? Would you rock this, and if so, where?

Day Off Fun

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Regular Friday off from work!
  • Snow is melting!
  • Lunch with my parents and brother!
  • Shopping at my favorite thrift store!
  • Awesome reversible fur vest that I bought at said thrift store (will make its blog debut soon)!
  • Double Starbucks day!
  • Picking up my wedding dress from the tailor and having that “magical moment”!
  • Wearing my favorite striped shirt from Target!
  • Dinner date tonight with The Fiance!

Today’s not-so-fun highlights:

  • I ripped these comfy jeggings right after these photos were taken…because I am the biggest klutz in the world. More excuse to go shopping, right?

Happy Friday everyone! You made it through the first full week after the holidays! Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  • On Target item: Merona Striped Boat Neck Tee (on sale this week!)
  • Cardigan: Old Navy (exact)
  • Necklace: Forever 21 (old)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (old; similar)
  • Shoes: Old Navy (exact)

Five for Friday, Vol. 12 – Work It Out

*A feature that I am going to run on Fridays (along with a daily outfit post) is called “Five for Friday.” I’ll be featuring five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

A common New Year’s resolution is to work out and/or get healthy. I’m in this camp almost every year, because I like the challenge, and I love completing a good workout. However, this year, I’m really on board with this resolution/lifestyle choice due to my upcoming wedding in April (cough arm exercises thanks to my dress).

Watch out for a future post on a review of some C9 by Champion workout gear, but right now I am craving some new items. All these above pieces would be a great addition to my workout wardrobe.

1. C9 by Champion Fashion Run Knee Tight Capri
2. Women’s C9 by Champion Optimize Athletic Shoe
3. C9 by Champion Women’s Mesh Short with Compression
4. C9 by Champion Full Zip Cardio Jacket (I own and love this jacket – perfect for working out, traveling, running to the grocery store, etc.)
5. C9 by Champion Women’s Fashion Tech Tee

What motivates you to the gym? New clothes, music, TV show? True life, I use to go to the gym and reward myself with watching Survivor because I’m a closet fan. Cool kid, right?

The Cooper Show

Guys, I did not mean for this blog to turn into “watch me style items from Target while my dog photobombs every shot,” but apparently it has. Good thing Cooper’s cute right? It’s the one blue eye, one brown eye thing that really gets everyone going. He’s basically my not-so-little shadow about 95% of the time when I am at home. I go downstairs to get water. Cooper goes downstairs to watch me get water. I get up to move to the other room. Cooper gets up to go to the new room. It’s precious, mainly because I rescued this little guy in May 2012, and I am so glad that he lets me share my life and home with him (and my couch…he destroyed a hand-me-down couch at one point). So expect to see snippets of him around, because he pretty much owns this place…and my heart.

Today’s look was fairly easy to pull together at 6:15am. Apparently, hunter green + olive + black is easy for my mind to process that early. I love the key graphic print on this sweater and think that it works well (last seen here) paired with this blazer that my parents got me for Christmas. I think the mix of the greens works well…how about you?

ps. Follow Cooper’s blog with Bloglovin. Just kidding…it is still mine.


  • On Target item: Merona Oxford Blazer
  • Sweater: Merona, Target (recent, but sold out; similar, here, and also here)
  • Cords: Ann Taylor Loft (old, similar)
  • Shoes: Mossimo, Target (exact)