On Trend: Spotted

Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots. How I adore you. A cutesy, but oh so classic combination that was big in fashion this fall/winter. Black and white was another huge trend this season, and the black and white polka dot combo is such a perfect mixture. I love them all, especially the ones above from Target’s Merona brand.

Check out the above options, click the links below, and see how you too can get spotted.

  1. Merona Sweater
  2. Merona Leather Gloves
  3. Merona Luxe Coat
  4. Merona Oxford Blazer
  5. Merona Refined Scoop Tee
  6. Merona Hinged Wallet

And Now It Is Spring?

So I thought Christmas was next week, but when I woke up this morning, all the snow had melted (leaving our backyard to be a muddy mess) and balmy 55 degree weather outside. I didn’t even have to wear a coat to work. What is this? April or December? Indiana has the weirdest weather sometimes.

Here is today’s look. I am finally getting around to styling this city scene scarf, and I love it. It is the perfect all season scarf – you know how you have some for winter and some for spring. It definitely added a bit of interest to my otherwise simple outfit. I was so thankful this morning not to have to wear boots of any kind. These new ballet flats are from Old Navy and some cute and comfortable to walk in. I think lately, Target and Old Navy have been stepping up their game, and I cannot wait to check out the nautical lines that both of them are coming out with in Spring 2014!

Off to get ready for my company’s “winter party” tonight, and then off to Illinois tomorrow!


  • On Target item: Oversized City Lights scarf (here)
  • Sweater: Mossimo, Target (old, similar style here)
  • Belt: Target (old, similar)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Flats: Old Navy (exact – so comfy and classic, check out the gold tiny heel online)

Five for Friday, Vol. 9 – So Tell Me What You Want


This no buying ban is getting old (even though I cheated, full disclosure here). I’m dying to go to Target, especially since my mom sent me a picture of the polka dot blazer that lives there. I’ve been trying to avoid going there at all, because I know that I will likely breakdown (again) and buy something – if not everything. I’ve been making a list of items that I have my eye on and want to purchase, and these five certainly have made it to the list. Now, which one wants to come home with me?

1. Mossimo Fit and Flare Ponte Dress
2. Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot
3. Merona Colorblock Long Cardigan
4. Merona Striped Skirt
5. Geneva Gold/Tortoise Chain Link Watch


Back to work today, and boy was it crazy! Lots of missed emails and voicemails to return. Plus, it was a teammate’s birthday, so I organized a carryout lunch order and the birthday luncheon today. Luckily, the birthday girl enjoyed herself, and I ended up getting some work done. These days off are a blessing and a curse. #firstworldproblems

I was overwhelmed at work today, so much that I had to take several breaks to just walk away, grab some water, and pull myself together. Do you guys ever have moments like that? I’d like to think that it is an everyone occurrence, not just a Katie thing! I’m ready for my next two full days of work (1/2 day Friday, full day Monday, and 1/2 day Tuesday) to fly by. Then it is 5.5 days of relaxation time! Please. Come. Soon!

  • On Target item: Merona Tee (different patterns in stores now – I have tons of these and love)
  • Necklace: Target (available in stores, similar)
  • Cardigan: Old Navy (exact)
  • Green Jeans: Walmart!
  • Shoes: Old Navy (here)

This One or That One?, Vol. 2 – Glasses

DSC025901        DSC026002

Guys, I need help! I recently decided I would like a new pair of glasses to be geek-chic along with everyone else (oh and I haven’t gotten new glasses since high school/start of college). I’m in love with Warby Parker after my friend, B, introduced me to the brand. They mail you a box with 5 different styles that you have picked from their collection online, and you get to try them on at home. The glasses cost $95 for a pair (for frames AND lenses), which is crazy, and they also donate a pair to someone in need for every pair that is bought. Such a great idea, and great style too! Check them out if you are in need of new frames!

So this is where you come in…I need help deciding between option 1 (left photo) or option 2 (right photo). I promise they are different. They look so similar in these photos. I would get the option 2 frames in tortoise shell, but they only had the red color to try on at this time. So what do you think? 1…2…or neither?