What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 2

Winter White
*So a feature that I am going to run on Wednesdays (instead of a daily outfit post) is called “What I Wish I Wore Wednesday.” I’ll be piecing together an outfit on Polyvore (which I have never used before blogging, but I really like it) with all Target items to show you what I wish I was wearing and just how easy it is too look cute on a budget.

I obsess over this winter white jacket and these brown ankle boot wedges every time I am at Target. I am notorious for spilling things on myself (all the time), so a white jacket isn’t a good piece for me, but I do love the fit of this one and how crisp it looks. These boots have a 3 inch heel, so not ideal for me either (I’m 5’9″), but my friend from work has them, and they look J. Crew quality for much much less. I haven’t seen the dress or the earrings in store, but I love the color mixing in this one. Plus, who doesn’t need a bold polka dot tight? I know I do.

What do you think?  And happy (early) Thanksgiving to my readers!

Copycat!, Vol. 1

Outfit Inspiration from: The House of Shoes


I love Pinterest and have an unhealthy addiction to it. I find myself pinning and viewing pins for hours. Hours, guys. I find myself pinning a bunch of outfits combinations that I love, but I have a board of 289 pins currently! I need to start making this work for me. So, yet, another new feature for the blog: Copycat! I will try to recreate these stunning outfits using my closet, and each one will, per usual, utilize at least one item from Target. I’ll try to have one of these per week.

So check out my first attempt above for work today (jeans all week thanks to the holiday!). I changed the colors from black and white to blue and white to work with the items that I actually have. I think it turned out pretty well, though I am coveting her boots still!

Do you have a fashion Pinterest board, and if so, have you ever tried to replicate the outfits?

p.s. I really have to wear different shoes tomorrow. This is like 4 days in a row!


  • On Target item: Merona Sweatshirt (from Spring 2013)
  • Shirt: Cherokee, Target (boys dept., old)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target Jeans, (got mine in August, in stores)
  • Necklace: thrifted
  • Shoes: Old Navy (here)

Cozy Leopard




Who snagged a cardigan from the little girls department of Target to be like everyone else on Instagram? This girl.

I am so glad that I did too. It is so warm and so cozy, and I might be a little bit biased, but it DOES NOT look like a little girls cardigan. It definitely is long enough – shockingly long enough in the sleeves too. Just a good reminder that great things can be found in unexpected place.

You can’t go wrong with such a classic print. There is this great pin going around Pinterest that is from Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.Crew. It says, “As far as I am concerned, leopard is a neutral.”

I’m with you, Jenna. 100%.


  • On Target item: Cherokee cardigan (on sale now -40% off – check the little girls dept.!)
  • Tee: Merona, Target
  • Denizen Jeans, (got mine in August, in stores)
  • Shoes: Old Navy (here)

Target Haul, Vol. 2


*Another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

This haul actually came from Saturday. I had actually gone into my local Target to purchase a giant and warm long black cardigan (see previous post – pretty much a blanket) but couldn’t come to a decision on which one I wanted, if any. So I left without a black cardigan, but with two winter staples.

  1. This hat is a necessity for this time of year and the up coming months. I have an awesome headband that I got last year and love, but needed something that actually covers my head. I get way too cold, and I definitely think this will help. The brand is Moon Shadow, which I have never seen at Target, but it is fleece-lined, and the pompom is so great.
  2. I have been looking for a white/off-white cable knit crew sweater for quite some time, and this one fits my price point and looks so cute and cozy on. Can’t wait to style it up on the blog!

What have you gotten recently from Target? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! I also did some damage at the thrift store (new going out purse; giant, warm scarf; and $8 wedding dress shoes), so some serious scores this weekend.

This One or That One?, Vol. 1

Guys, I need help! I went in to Target Saturday looking for a black, drapey, and long cardigan and found these two. I like them both, but am not sure I can rock the long cardigan look – though I am a sucker for all things cardigans.

Above are the lovely dressing room photos I took. Does either one look good? Option 1 (left photo) or Option 2 (right phot0)? Option 1 has faux-leather panels where the sleeves meet the shoulders and is super chunky and warm, and Option 2 is thinner with subtle striping.

What do you think? 1…2…or neither?