Dare to Bare


This is my please-take-my-picture-so-I-can-go-inside-to-the-warmth face.


I thought I could go one more day with not wearing tights. I was wrong. Cold fail.

I really like this outfit, mainly because I love stripes, leopard, and sparkly things (helloooo bling necklace!). This dress is super awesome and comfy, but I wasn’t sure when I was picking this out last night whether it was going to look okay this morning with all my lovely Target accessories, but I love it!

Even though my legs are cold. Good thing I have a blanket under my desk at work. What do you mean that’s not normal?

Have you made the move to tights? Or are you still daring to bare those unrestricted legs, just like me?


  • On Target item: Statement Necklace (old, but similar)
  • Dress: Old Navy (recent)
  • Belt: Merona, Target (old, but similar)
  • Shoes: Mossimo ankle boots (old, similar)

What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 3

Classy Winter

Classy Winter by styleontarget featuring a knit hat

*So a feature that I am going to run on Wednesdays (possibly along with a daily outfit post) is called “What I Wish I Wore Wednesday.” I’ll be piecing together an outfit on Polyvore (which I have never used before blogging, but I really like it) with all Target items to show you what I wish I was wearing and just how easy it is too look cute on a budget.

I swear every blog this winter is featuring vests, particularly fur vests. While I love the look of a fake fur vest on my blogging counterparts, I simply can’t seem to work it into my every day wardrobe. So since this is an imaginary situation – in which, I have endless money to buy things at Target to wear – I decided to “try” out this trend. I actually owe these black jeans (love them) and have asked for this sweater for Christmas. So fingers crossed that I might get to style these items together in real life at some point!

Would you work a fur vest?

Copycat!, Vol. 2

Outfit Inspiration from: Ann Taylor Loft online look book




*Copycat! is a feature where I try to recreate outfits I find on Pinterest (or various other sources of inspiration), utilizing at least one item from Target.

This is my second round of Copycat!, and I am loving actually using my millions of pins! This inspiration came from Ann Taylor Loft, whose clothes I love and enjoy wearing. This skirt was a dream find when I got it. In my size. 50% off? I’ll take two (I actually did…watch out for the navy one to make an appearance someday!).

I think it worked well. I was worried about wearing a white tee, so I switched it to gray. It seemed a little flight attendent style, so I tied the scarf in a knot at the bottom and added a brooch for some sparkle. I do love her boots more than mine. I’ve not been impressed with my tall boots lately and might have to look into some nicer upgrades!

What do you think of my second Copycat!? Did I nail it or what?!


  • On Target item: Merona Oxford Blazer (navy – recent)
  • Tee: Merona, Target (same style)
  • Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (got in October 2013)
  • Scarf: gift from future sister-in-law!
  • Brooch: probably stolen from my mom
  • Boots: Macys, old

I’m Bringing Fair Isle Back




I don’t know about you guys, but I am not a big fan of not being on Thanksgiving break anymore. Big fan of this outfit, though. I’m continuing to skirt the dress code at work, because these “pants” are actual black jeans (though they don’t really feel like denim material), and we’re back to business casual after a week of being on jeans week. However, I think they look like dress pants if you aren’t paying attention. So I’m going to run with it until I get caught! Don’t tell anyone (wink)! The pumps help “business” it up too.

This sweater is so comfy, and I pretty pumped that I bought the similar one in light blue. Like it so much, I bought it twice. I’m one of those girls. Fair isle sweaters are a big trend this year, and I am so glad. I love over the top sweaters (sign me up for your Ugly Christmas Sweater party), and these are a good, normal way to wear some crazy-ish prints. Expect to see this one and its blue cousin a few times this season!

I topped it off with my new necklace seen in this morning’s weekend Target Haul post. Almost all Target today! What a great commitment to this blog’s mission.

ps. Please ignore my squinty eyes. It was a weird combination of overcast and bright outside when The Fiance took these pictures. You’re here for the outfit anyways, right? Not my glamorous eyes!

pps. Target is having a Cyber Monday sale right now, where it is “Buy One, Get one 60% Off.” I would take advantage of this, but I am banning myself from shopping for clothing items until Christmas (12/25). Ahh!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Supply Sweater, (online and in stores!)
  • Black jeans: Denizen, Target (online – talls and shorts – and in stores)
  • Necklace: Target (in stores currently)
  • Shoes: TJMaxx

Target Haul, Vol. 4

DSC02371*Another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

So Black Friday has come and gone, and I actually ended up not spending as much as I thought I would! I went to Target and Old Navy on Friday, but ended up just trying on a few items at Old Navy and running out of there. Too many people in line to wait to pay for a sweater! So then I jetted over to Target, which was busy, but not ridiculous. The sweaters were pretty much cleared out (since they were 40% off), but I did end up finding this polka dot one and am in love with it. I also scored the long tassel necklace on that trip.

The Fiance and I went back out to Target around 7:00pm on Friday to see if we could find some DVDs that his brother wants for Christmas. We did, and I managed to add this amazing collar necklace to our basket. Win-win! I’m looking forward to styling it on the blog, and as The Fiance said, “I’ve never seen anything like it before!” He’s so hip. Hah! I also did an online order for two dresses (since they were 40% online) and will definitely do another haul post once they are delivered.

I ended up going back to Old Navy on Saturday morning and buying the sweater for 40% off versus the 50% on Friday. Worth it! It’s a girls dept. sweater…with horses on it. Yes, I’m five. No, I’m never going to stop buying animal print items.

What did everyone else end up with during the Black Friday sales? Let me know in the comments!