Cozy Leopard




Who snagged a cardigan from the little girls department of Target to be like everyone else on Instagram? This girl.

I am so glad that I did too. It is so warm and so cozy, and I might be a little bit biased, but it DOES NOT look like a little girls cardigan. It definitely is long enough – shockingly long enough in the sleeves too. Just a good reminder that great things can be found in unexpected place.

You can’t go wrong with such a classic print. There is this great pin going around Pinterest that is from Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.Crew. It says, “As far as I am concerned, leopard is a neutral.”

I’m with you, Jenna. 100%.


  • On Target item:¬†Cherokee cardigan (on sale now -40% off – check the little girls dept.!)
  • Tee: Merona, Target
  • Denizen¬†Jeans, (got mine in August, in stores)
  • Shoes:¬†Old Navy (here)

Target Haul, Vol. 2


*Another feature that I am going to start on the blog is Target Hauls. Basically, I love to read when other people go and buy stuff, so I thought some of you might be interested to see the latest and greatest finds that I have gotten from Target.

This haul actually came from Saturday. I had actually gone into my local Target to purchase a giant and warm long black cardigan (see previous post – pretty much a blanket) but couldn’t come to a decision on which one I wanted, if any. So I left without a black cardigan, but with two winter staples.

  1. This hat is a necessity for this time of year and the up coming months. I have an awesome headband that I got last year and love, but needed something that actually covers my head. I get way too cold, and I definitely think this will help. The brand is Moon Shadow, which I have never seen at Target, but it is fleece-lined, and the pompom is so great.
  2. I have been looking for a white/off-white cable knit crew sweater for quite some time, and this one fits my price point and looks so cute and cozy on. Can’t wait to style it up on the blog!

What have you gotten recently from Target? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! I also did some damage at the thrift store (new going out purse; giant, warm scarf; and $8 wedding dress shoes), so some serious scores this weekend.

This One or That One?, Vol. 1

Guys, I need help! I went in to Target Saturday looking for a black, drapey, and long cardigan and found these two. I like them both, but am not sure I can rock the long cardigan look – though I am a sucker for all things cardigans.

Above are the lovely dressing room photos I took. Does either one look good? Option 1 (left photo) or Option 2 (right phot0)? Option 1 has faux-leather panels where the sleeves meet the shoulders and is super chunky and warm, and Option 2 is thinner with subtle striping.

What do you think? 1…2…or neither?

Target Review: C9 by Champion Softshell Jacket






Another new blog feature (the whole blog is new, which means I need new ideas?) will be reviews of “foundation/essential” pieces. These, in a sense, will be your investment pieces (though they don’t have to be at investment prices) as opposed to your trend pieces. So staples versus fads?

First up on the docket for a Style on Target Review is this black softshell jacket from C9 by Champion. I had been wanting a fall/spring weight jacket that was longer in length and was made of the softshell material. Oh, and it HAD to have a hood. I was willing to spend around $100 for it, since I knew I would be wearing it a ton. I looked all over – online and in-stores – and couldn’t ever find what I was looking for. I just happened to be in Target and stumbled upon the beaut in the athletic/C9 by Champion section. I couldn’t try it on fast enough.

It was EVERYTHING that I was looking for, so I took it home…for 50 BUCKS! Score me.

I’ve worn it pretty much nonstop since then, and I am trying to sneak a few more wears out of it, before the weather turns on me. Check it out online at the above link or in store!


  • Hood (hugely necessary for me, as I hate being rained on, but also hate carrying an umbrella)
  • Warm enough for both winter and spring (lined and I got it big enough to wear another thin jacket underneath if need be)
  • Exterior zip pockets (perfect for keeping stuff in)
  • Double zipper (allows for zipping up and parting bottom for walking)
  • Softshell fabric (thick and wind/water resistant)
  • Sleeves are cut at an angle, which is a cool feature
  • Paneling on jacket gives a slim look
  • Color choices (comes in this black, light gray, purple, charcoal, and teal – so pretty and I almost got this color)
  • Price


  • Honestly none at this time!

Casual Weekend




This is one of the few weekends in November and January that the Fiance and I are traveling, so I am excited for a chill and easy weekend, especially since I seem to have caught a cold and might need some couch time to recover. I made the Fiance take me out for pancakes this morning at The Original Pancake House, and we shared some pancakes (his: banana and hers: bacon) and downed some coffee. He’s off to a nerd card tournament, and I am going thrift shopping with my best friend, B.

This outfit works well for both pancakes and shopping, and it will keep me warm, as the temperatures are dropping here in Indiana.

Cheers to a great weekend!


  • On Target item: Merona Sweater (recent)
  • Necklace: thrifted
  • Green jeans: Walmart!
  • Ankle boots: Old Navy (recent)