Legs and Lace




Sorry if the title of this post is a little out there for anyone, but that’s all I could think of upon looking at this images. Crazy amounts of legs and just the right amount of lace.

This shirt looks like it costs a million more times than it actually did. Super detailed floral lace print and it has a shell lining underneath, which was a big selling point for me. Plus, it is in this crisp yellow, which was a serious lack in my closet. Plus yellow just makes me think of summer, and sadly, summer is almost over! Hello September, when did you get here?

So for now, it is yellow lace and shorts with legs for days. And an awkward Hulk-ish photo? Don’t mind me.


  • On Target item: Merona Top (early 2013 summer)
  • Shorts: Old Navy (still in stores!)
  • Shoes: thrifted

Go Broncos!




Football is back! Football is back! And everyone in Indianapolis is loving the fact that Peyton Manning put on a clinic in Denver last night! We still love you, Peyton (or at least I do)! I wore this orange and blue dress (Broncos colors) in honor of his win!

I’m obsessed with football, and I don’t just say that to have guys think that I am one of those “cool girls,” because I am most definitely not! I just love the passion and drive of a football player, how much dedication it takes to play, and love that the game is played outdoors (usually). I am ridiculously loyal to my Indianapolis Colts and am excited to hunker down in my living room on Sunday at 1:00pm!

Do you guys like sports or would you much rather be shopping?!


  • On Target item: Merona Dress, (still available online and maybe stores?)
  • Necklace: thrifted
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (last season)

Five for Friday, Vol. 1

So a feature that I am going to run on Fridays (along with a daily outfit post) is called “Five for Friday.” I’ll be featuring five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe. The five I picked this week are…

1. Merona striped knit blazer (so preppy, but such a cool color combo)
2. Mossimo black ankle boots (love the mixture of black and brown and the leather wrap gives it an extra uniqueness)
3. Merona animal print skirt (it is no secret that I love Merona pencil skirts and this one will be timeless forever and ever)
4. Mossimo blue raglan shirt (I love comfy shirts and this one looks so easy to wear. Plus I think it would go with my “blue print” skirt seen here)
5. Floral/Striped reversible belt (I’ve told one of best friends that this is “our” belt since it features stripes – my favorite – and florals – her favorite)

So those are my first Five for Friday. Good thing I get paid today!

Warm & Fuzzy




This dress holds a special place in my heart and always will. I wore it out on our celebration dinner after The Fiance proposed. I just see it hanging in my closet and think back to that very special moment in my life!

The stripes and the cut make it so classic and sweet, but I like the extra red pop the belt gives. This dress is absolutely lovely on its own, but I like to “office” this dress up by adding a blazer or a cardigan. I wasn’t really feeling that this morning, since it has been so gorgeous here in Indy lately. A button down under the dress makes it totally work appropriate, don’t you think?

Do you have an article of clothing (besides a wedding dress) that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?


  • On Target item: Merona Dress (available online still – comes with the red belt!)
  • Dress Shirt (under dress): Ann Taylor Outlet (old)
  • Shoes: thrifted

Borrowing From the Boys




Here’s a secret. I sometimes buy dress shirts from the little boys department of Target (and other stores).

I can’t help it. They’re cheaper. They fit. They come in cool patterns/prints that are completely classic and don’t look overly masculine at all. Not masculine at all, especially when paired with a leopard heel and a fun pop of color with a belt. It is taking the whole masculine/feminine trend to a whole new level, and I like it.


  • On Target item: Cherokee buttondown (from the boys department)
  • Belt: Merona, Target (old)
  • Pants: Gap
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (old)