Birdy Graphics

Target Merona bird graphic sweater and green skirt

bird graphic sweater and green print skirt Target

bird graphic sweater, green pattern skirt

bird graphic sweater

Target bird graphic sweater

bird graphic sweater

Some days you show up to work in old-ish ankle boots, and everyone is super dressed up because our office is hosting a big meeting for corporate planning.

Some days you don’t get the memo that this is happening, so you wore said ankle boots and a bird sweater. A graphic bird sweater. With old scruffy ankle boots. Cute for the blog? Yes (don’t worry I answer my own questions). Cute for work with executives? Probs not.

Don’t worry guys. They send out an email to not eat the food that is provided to these meeting attendees, but this is because food is SUPER important. Just so you know. ;)


Stripes and A Sweatshirt

stripes and embellished sweatshirt

black and white stripe skirt and sweatshirt

stripes and a sweatshirt

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine went by SO stinkin’ fast. I did manage to get a lot of wedding planning done Friday and also had a great time with The Fiance’s family at Turkey Run State Park. We hiked, swam (indoor pool at the inn we stayed at), and ate waaaay too much apple cobbler. Pretty stellar, huh?

So Friday, I showed you guys how to casually wear this sweatshirt (see it here if you missed it), and today’s look is a little bit classed up. I actually ended up wearing this to work last week, and it fit in with my company’s “casual” business casual dress code. I’ve already said it, but I am obsessed with this sweatshirt. The Fiance finally had to convince me to wash it, so it will take a break on the blog for now. Any other ideas on how to style it in the future? Let me know in the comments!


  • On Target item: Xhilaration Embellished Sweatshirt (exact –  again, $8 guys)
  • Belt: New York & Company (super old; similar 1; similar 2)
  • Skirt (last worn here): Merona, Target (exact)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact)
  • Ankle boots: Old Navy (exact)

Stripes with a Hint of Pink

stripes with pink

stripes with pink

stripes with pink

stripes with pink

stripes with pink

stripes with pink

This blazer is pretty much the greatest…think super thick ponte fabric with a perfect fit for the office (granted, the sizing does run small on this – beware). I had been wishing for a striped blazer for some time, because I’m obsessed with stripes, and this one is just perfect. I can’t wait to try it with jeans, skirts, and over a dress.

All the other fashion bloggers are having weeks worth of Valentine’s Day outfits with sweet, lovely, and romantic combinations of red, white, and pink. I can’t stomach that much pink (I’m a football-loving tomboy, remember), but I can do a hint of it in a sweet little belt, so that’s what I’ll do here on my blog. I think it adds a nice dainty little touch to this overall masculine outfit.

Maybe I will go pink and red crazy on Friday, but you’ll just have to stick around to see!


Red Hearted Friday

Today is National Wear Red Day. For more than 10 years, the American Heart Association has sponsored National Wear Red Day® to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women. I’m sporting red today (a whole lot of it) in support.

In other news, happy Friday and here are today’s yay and nay lists!

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Mailing off wedding invites (eeeee!)
  • Brown sugar cinnamon iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts
  • Curry chicken salad from Whole Foods
  • Bought a super cool shirt from Target (here)
  • Three day weekend
  • Trip to Nashville in one hour!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Leaving the puppy behind
  • Waking up to -4 degree temps
  • Getting blood drawn this morning for a biometric screening (don’t freak out, Mom!)

Happy weekend to you all! I’m off to listen to some country music!


  • On Target item: Merona Favorite Plaid Shirt (exact)
  • Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (old; similar)
  • Belt: Kohls, Christmas gift from my future mother-in-law! (similar)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Ankle Boots: Old Navy (exact)

Putting On The Ritz for New Year’s

I ended up rocking this outfit last night for the two New Year’s Eve parties that The Fiance and I attended. I probably ended up overdressing for both parties, but I like to get dressed up for events like this. Plus, better to be overdressed, than underdressed, right?

Apparently, it took me all of a week to figure out how to rock the red tights that I had previously been so nervous about trying. New Year’s Eve felt like the perfect opportunity to rock a more “out there” look. These tights ended up being a great way to work in some color to an otherwise all black outfit. I had wanted some sequins, but this sparkly necklace did the trick.

What did you end up wearing for the New Year’s Eve celebration?!


  • On Target item: Merona Premium Tights (exact)
  • Necklace: Target (old; similar)
  • Belt: The Limited (old)
  • Dress: Old Navy (old; similar; similar)
  • Shoes: Target (exact)