Tunic Time

DSC011001DSC010791DSC010961DSC010871DSC010851DSC010711black and white windowpane tunic Target 1

Does anyone have any secret tips on keeping black coats clear of lint and dog hair? Anyone? Because I’ve obviously got 99 problems…and a Cooper dog is one.

Just kidding, Coop. Love you lots.

But seriously…send me your tips! ;)

Today’s outfit was built around this new tunic-ish top that I scored during Target’s crazy Black Friday deal (and is now even more on sale!), and it is completely legit. The material is super stretchy and super thick (like a really nice/expensive sweatshirt), and the print is totally on trend! I can really only recommend this color/pattern, since I also ordered the navy herringbone one, and it was significantly lesser quality (read thinner).

I’m wearing a small, which fits how I want it to, but I think it also would style really well one size up to be the true tunic that this shirt is billed as. Plus it would easily disguise when you’ve eaten too much hibachi as I did on when wearing this out on a recent date night!

Have you guys ever been to a hibachi restaurant? I’ve only been four times in my entire life, because I actually hated rice as a kid (along with a ton of other foods that I now really enjoy…my parents had it ROUGH…sorry Mom and Dad), but I absolutely love it! It’s like dinner and a show, so who can argue with that greatness? Not this girl!


Han Solo Style

DSC006321han solo style detailsDSC006131DSC006441DSC006111DSC006451han solo style

In honor of the Star Wars movie coming out later this week, I thought I’d feature this outfit…which actually became a Star Wars tribute accidently.

As in, I put on this outfit thinking how classic and chic I looked, and then when at work, looked in the mirror and realized that I looked just like Han Solo from the original movies (minus that killer Harrison Ford swagger).


So of course, I had to text a photo to The Husband, my brother, and all my other nerdy friends (love you all) AND on top of that, tell the whole Internet, instead of quietly keeping it to myself. Because what’s the fun in that? Plus, Star Wars is a really big deal to a TON of folks, so maybe if I blog about it…more people will come and follow my blog? But seriously, who wore it better: me or Harrison Ford? Feel free to vote in the comments!

Check out some of the great Star Wars items out there right now (if I was really a fan, and not just a wife of a nerd fan, I might buy that J.Crew Chewie tee!):

Who will be catching the movie this weekend? Or is it just me and The Husband? If so, may the force be with you! ;)


  • On Target item: Merona Quilted Vest (exact)
  • Sunglasses: Loft (exact)
  • Lip Color: Revlon (exact)
  • Sweater: Merona, Target (similar)
  • Watch: Timex (exact)
  • Nail Color: “Rhapsody Red” (exact)
  • Purse: vintage Coach (similar)
  • Jeans: Loft (exact)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (similar)

The Madewell Look for Less


You guys know my style by now. I like to call it classic-with-a-twist, but I don’t really know if everyone else would necessarily describe it that way.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to be a Madewell girl. You know the type, right? Casual, cool looks that look like they just rolled out of bed and threw on some basic pieces to take on the day. Madewell girls incorporate minimal prints/patterns (beyond stripes and plaid), neutral colors for daaaaays (with some red and blue thrown in every now and then), and they’re nearly always in jeans (since Madewell is known for their quality jeans).

I was inspired by that easy vibe for today’s outfit, which I wore one Friday when I was off of work. Jeans? Check. No patterns? Check. Neutral colors for daaaaays? Check. But the best part about my outfit? Not a single piece from Madewell (whose prices are similar to J.Crew…since they’re owned by them)! Which means that I’m saving dollars and still styling!

Get inspired by some actual Madewell girls and their awesomely cool looks here.  And if you could dress like any brand that’s not your normal style, what would it be?


  • On Target item: Merona Cable Knit Sweater (similar)
  • Hat: Merona, Target (almost exact)
  • Lip Color: Covergirl (exact in Magnetic Mauve)
  • Watch: Timex (exact)
  • Nail Color: “Rhapsody Red” (exact)
  • Purse: Express (exact)
  • Jeans: Loft (exact)
  • Flats: Merona, Target (similar tassel options below – they all come in black)

Black and White, Dots and Stripes


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last Friday off before one full week of work and then two full weeks of vacation! So excited!
  • The Husband and I biked to our date night location, and I almost forgot how awesome it feels to ride a bike (try it out sometime)! So free and fun!
  • We tried to be really healthy and have salads and then our plan was to head over to The Cake Bake Shop and get a slice of cake to split…but they were CLOSED for a private party. Major bummer, but I made up for it with some caramel popcorn! ;)
  • We’re headed to northern Indiana this weekend to see my parents and my brother. My brother has requested a round of miniature golf, so we’ll see who wins (and who throws a fit)!
  • Did you guys know that I beat The Husband in fantasy football last week? I had to rub that in real quick. ;) Booya!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


10 Things Tuesday (2.24.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. Ask me about my dog (no seriously do) and this sweatshirt! Good news, silly cat owners, there is one for you too (here)!
  2. Blogger love of the week: How cute is Alissa? Plus, bonus! Now you and I know what to wear to a hockey game!
  3. I have wanted this necklace for the longest time…and can’t figure out why!
  4. Hot Dudes Reading is the new Hot Dudes with Puppies. #swoon
  5. Speaking of reading, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and I loved this showcase of Severus Snape’s most important scenes (but in chronological order). All the feels, indeed.
  6. Foxes? On a scarf? Yes, please!
  7. Can I have one of everything from J.Crew’s Fall 2015 preview? Check it out here if you missed it (allll over Instagram last week)!
  8. Priorities…this tee has them right.
  9. I finally got around to watching the SNL 40th Anniversary show, and Jimmy and Justin are my favorites. The History of SNL song was perfection!
  10. Give me this dress, and I’ll give you a hug? ;)


  • On Target item: Merona Red Plaid Sequin Collar Shirt (old; similar)
  • Sweater: The Limited (Winter 2014; similar options below)
  • Jeans: Loft (almost exact)
  • Purse: Coach (thrifted; exact, for less)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (sold out online; similar)