Rain on My Window(pane)


It’s been raining a lot here in Indiana, and yeah, yeah, I know that April showers bring May flowers. However, I also already have about 40 tulips blooming in my yard right now, so I think I’m good on the flower front. What I need for good blog photos are clear skies and limited wind gusts. Not too much to ask for, right?

Rainy days might not be good for blog photos, but they are good for listening to music, watching Netflix movies, drinking tea, and wearing pajamas. Aka, exactly what I did this past Sunday after recovering from the Lilly for Target rampage. So, so very needed! Plus, if you like lavender and/or tea, you should really try this tea!

Also, am I the only one that loves sleeping during rainstorms? It’s so relaxing (minus those loud claps of thunder that wake you up).

Anything you love (or hate) about rain?

ps. How much do these Merona ballet flats look like these Salvatore Ferragamo flats? Target, you have my heart forever. And bonus, they’re super comfortable.


Best Friends With a Denim Jacket


You’ve been warned. Get ready to get sick of being both of these items (though not necessarily together).

I ordered this denim jacket last week (or the week before…April is flying by) when Target had a buy one, get one 50% off on Merona items. And I’m obsessed. I’ve know bloggers to gush about their denim jackets, and I had one, but didn’t think it was that great.

Well, apparently mine was not the right color and not the right fit, because this one is already my new best friend. I’ve worn it three times in one week, so prep yourself…this is the year (or at least the season) of the denim jacket here on Style On Target.


10 Things Tuesday (4.14.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. Must resist this bucket bag purse, but it is so chic looking…I don’t know if I can!
  2. Blogger love of the week: If you guys don’t follow Kimberly, you’re really missing out on some great budget style…specifically these looks. I had just purchased this navy dress and couldn’t wait to wear it how Kimberly did…so I did (already)! So chic!
  3. I wore this look to Sarah’s summer destination fashion show at Macy’s, which was so fun. I already have ordered this skirt from one of the looks that went down the runway. So fun and flirty (it was from the Paris destination collection)!
  4. If Instagram existed in the 90s…hilarious and ridiculous spot on!
  5. I want to become best friends with the person that completed this study on Reese’s and their chocolate to peanut butter ratio. I KNEW eggs and hearts were the best shapes. Christmas trees ain’t got nothing on them!
  6. I have plenty of striped shoes, but if you don’t, these are my new favorite affordable option!
  7. Love Dove, love their real beauty campaigns. I hope you all know to walk through the beautiful door, because you are! (Hugs)
  8. The nautical vibes are beyond strong on this tank. Perfect for spring and summer!
  9. Stop what you’re doing and watch Anne Hathaway’s “Wrecking Ball” performance. I know a lot of people are hit or miss with Anne, but I ADORE her, and this is perfectly hilarious!
  10. I’ve been looking for more graphic tees to wear this summer with skirts and shorts, and I can’t decide which one of these four to order…any advice?


  • On Target item: Merona Jean Denim Jacket (exact – I want the white denim version next!)
  • Dress: Mossimo, Target (exact)
  • Necklace: Forever21 (super old; similar)
  • Purse: Coach (thrifted; similar)
  • Heels: Candies, Kohl’s (similar)

Counting on Crystals


Hey all! I had a fabulous weekend full of fantastic food, baby cuddles, day drinking, and one too many delicious desserts. Did anyone else celebrate Pi Day on Saturday? I had planned to have pie, but delicious raspberry champagne cake won out, so I substituted in a pizza pie in the 9th hour. Here’s to counting down the days until the next weekend (because weekends are great, duh)!

But speaking of counting down the days, you only have a few more days to nab your first Rocksbox box for free (good for one more week)! Check out my full review here, but this beautiful crystal dazzler came in my second box, so I had to showcase it here for you on the blog! I actually can’t stop working it into every other outfit, so expect to see it here often. My third box is on the way, so I can’t wait to showcase more!

Who else is counting down until the weekend? Or until your next Rocksbox arrives?! ;)


Fall Capsule #1: Official


Well guys, it’s official. I touched on it in yesterday’s post, but I lasted one month and two days of not buying clothing or shoes. I went into one of our local thrift stores on a whim (wearing this outfit), and there in front of me was a beautiful pair of Hunter rain boots in my size. They jumped in my arms, and the rest is fall capsule no-shopping ban history.

It was fun while it lasted? (It wasn’t, really.)

But I’m going to jump right back in the saddle and try to beat this record. It’s two months and 5 days until Christmas, which means if when I make it that long with not buying clothing or shoes, I will have doubled my record!

It’s the small things, right?

How long have you gone without shopping for clothing/shoes? Feel free to shame me with your responses. ;)


Outfit 26

  • On Target item: Merona Plaid Oversized Scarf (exact)
  • Lipcolor: Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain (exact; love these, this one is “Crush”)
  • Sleeveless Blouse: Merona, Target (Spring 2014; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Purse: vintage Coach (thrifted; exact current bag; super similar for less!)
  • Denim Jacket: Eddie Bauer (super old; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
  • Boots: Corso Como, Nordstrom (Fall 2014; similar)