Sweatshirt Skirt


Is there anything better than a bike on your shirt? #sorrynotsorry if you’re sick of seeing bike apparel on this blog. It’s up there with stripes, polka dots, and Colts blue for me, aka always a winner and always in style.

Even if said shirt is baby pink. Which it is…and I still bought it!

Pure commitment, friends!


Red, White, and Blue, and Patterns Too


There is nothing more Americana in my opinion than denim, and it makes a easy pair with red, white, and blue. Especially for some casual outfits, which is literally all I want to wear lately.

Plus, I could wear these sneakers. I bought gray sneakers because Kate Middleton has gray sneakers*.

*This theory could be applied to pretty much everything in my closet.


Jean Jacket Meets Dress Pants








Nothing like a mix of casual (jean jacket) and classy (black dress pants) for your Tuesday viewing pleasure. I’m a big fan of mixing casual and dressy for an interesting look and adding in some visual interest pieces can really elevate these classic basics (leopard kitten heels for the win).


Sprummer Weekend Wear









No, that was not a typo in the title of this post. This weekend bridged the gap between spring and summer for me, plus I did convince The Husband into having brunch this weekend, so I’ve coined a new word: sprummer. Definition: the time period where spring feels like summer and all you do is eat ice cream for lunch. Which is exactly what happened this weekend.

Other sprummer plans: bike rides, dog walks, dining al fresco, trips to the farmer’s market, etc. What are you planning on doing with your sprummer?!

ps. I bought this hat and this skirt this weekend…and had to wear them IMMEDIATELY! That’s how great they are.

pps. If you liked my polka dot crossbody from last week (which A LOT of you did), this one is almost identical (and $20)!


Jean Jacket Weekend








Thanks to Lowe’s for the beautiful brick background in today’s post…though it was an awkward few minutes while I took my photos.

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last day of this CRAZY work week
  • Starting the process of getting our house ready for a sell/move is going to be better than I thought after meeting with our realtor last night!
  • Cajun tots for dinner? Okay with me!
  • Gorgeous weather (welcome spring/summer)
  • Wedding weekend for D + K! Super excited to celebrate with them!
  • Road trip coffees (and gummy bears for The Husband)
  • Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (but especially MY mom and my grandma, who read this blog daily)!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Driving to Illinois (though I will enjoy it when I’m there)!

Hope you all get to soak up the sunshine this weekend! The Husband is a groomsman in a wedding for his college roommate this weekend, so we’re off to enjoy some Illinois time! What are you up to?!